Community Engagement Bill Of Rights

As a Community Member of AFEIS Academy we offer you a Bill Of Rights regarding your Ranks and Achievements.   

Once a member has earned their Rank or Achievement then AFEIS will not revoke those accomplishments unless the member agrees or the majority of members agree to change our reward and recognition structure.

Why is this important?   As our community grows we will be getting more and more feedback about our Points, Achievements and Ranks and what is important to you and the community.    Some Ranks and Achievements the community may choose to discontinue.   Our Points scale and amounts may change as we balance the point allocations with real world use and feedback.   But, we never want you to be concerned you will lose your recognition for all the work you put into building your profile and reputation on the platform.

We anticipate that during the first 90 – 180 days from the AFEIS Academy 2.0 Launch (March 8, 2020) that the Points allocation will change and need to be adjusted.    If those adjustments are made you will still earn points for the actions you took.  We just may adjust how many points were awarded for those actions to better balance the points and keep them meaningful for everyone.

We as a community are building this platform together.   And together we will design the most rewarding and fun Community Engagement Platform on the internet.

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