CAS Authentication


This guide is for the purpose of setting up the CAS Authentication between the your institution and AEFIS.
We will need the following information from you to complete the setup process.

CAS Information

Please provide us the following information about your institution’s CAS:

  1. What version of CAS is your institution using?
  2. What is the CAS URL, for example ?
  3. Do you have a CAS Login URL that is different from the CAS URL provided above, if so please provide it?
  4. Do you have a CAS Logout URL that is different from the CAS URL provided above, if so please provide it?
  5. What service validation method does your CAS use, get or post?
  6. Would there be any other parameters that your institution requires that we have not listed above that we may need to set?

CAS Application Name

  1. We request that when your team sets up the connection in CAS that AEFIS is used for the application name. If your team needs to set the name as something else please provide us that name.

AEFIS Application Server Information
AEFIS will  provide you with your institution’s AEFIS URL and external IP address, in case you need to allow either in your systems

Please send all of the above information to [email protected]. If you do not feel that sending this information via email is suitable please inform us how you would like to transfer the information and we will be glad to accommodate you.

Once we have received your answers to the above we will advise you when your application server is ready for testing.

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