Can I change my Curriculum Map while an Assessment is In-Progress for a Current Term?

Yes!  If you realize that you need to update your Curriculum Map and that change must be reflected in the in-progress Assessment for your current term/semester, you may use the instructions below to update the Program, Curriculum Map, and in-progress Assessment.

Step 1: Log in to AEFIS
Step 2: Navigate to the 3 line menu at the top left of the AEFIS Dashboard home screen

Step 3: Navigate to the Programs menu, and select Programs to access the Program Manager Screen
Step 4: Use the search to find the Program you would like to update

Step 5: Click the Manage button next to the Program you need to update
Step 6: Click the blue Revise button at the top right of the Program home page mceclip2.png and you will see this warning pop-up:
You may click mceclip2.png at this point.  This creates a copy of the program so you may do your work without interrupting any other activities in AEFIS that are utilizing that program during your revision process.

Step 7: The page will now refresh to present the In-Revision copy of your Program. Navigate to the Mapping By Course or Mapping by Outcome menu and make the required changes to your curriculum map.  Please see the Curriculum Mapping Master Guide if you need assistance in this process.
Step 8: Once your Curriculum Map is complete and no additional changes to the Program are necessary, you may click the blue Publish button at the top right of the screen mceclip3.png
Step 9: A pop up wizard will populate after you click the mceclip3.png  button to guide you through the next steps:


You may click mceclip7.png

Step 10: On the next screen, toggle “When PUBLISHING this program, also update in-progress assessments to use this revised program” to on.  Pay careful attention to this screen, as it will let you know how many assignments linkings were associated to the previous curriculum map, indicating the assignment linking you will need to check after updating the assessment.  

After carefully reviewing the text in blue on your screen, if you agree that you would like to make these updates/changes, you may click mceclip7.png

Step 11: When you arrive at the next screen of the wizard, which confirms the changes you are making to the assessments, you may click mceclip10.png

Step 12: Navigate to the Assessment menu in the Program

Step 13: Click mceclip12.png next to the in-Progress Assessment
Note:  You will see the relationship between the Assessment and the Program you updated by looking at the Program Version column on the Assessment page:

Step 14: In the Assessment home page, click on the Assigned Courses menu item on the left
Step 15: Click on the Course Section number in the yellow button to navigate to the section where Assignment Linking needs to be updated:

Step 16:  Update the Assignment Linking to reflect the new Curriculum Mapping you completed – please see our Assignment Linking guides if you need assistance with this final step!

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