Bulk Publish Terms in the Term Manager – New!

Updated: July 2021

Available with AEFIS v 3.69 Release – August 2021

Description:  Institution Admins may select multiple terms that were created in Draft status, and bulk publish those terms.  This is typically used in conjunction with the Term Import template used by Partners who build a partial term structure in AEFIS.

Applicable to: Institution Admin

Step by Step…

1. Click on the three line icon at the top left of AEFIS to access the Main Menu 
2. Scroll down the Main Menu to the Admin Tools Section
3. Select Terms from the Admin Tools Section
4. Click the Term Management Drop down menu and select Bulk Publish Terms

5. A pop-up Bulk-Publish terms manager will appear displaying all of the terms that are in Draft status

a. Check the top left check box next to Code to select all terms:    

b. Or, check the selected terms you would like to Publish individually:

6. Next click the orange Publish button at the bottom right of the Bulk-Publish Terms pop-up

7. You will then see the Terms you Published changed to one of the following statuses:

  • Pending:  This means that the activation date has not yet occured.
  • Active: This means that the activation date is today, and the term is activated but the term start date has not yet been reached.
  • In Progress:  The term activation date and start date are set to today, so the term is now In Progress.


Q: I don’t see the Bulk-Publish Terms option in the Term Management drop-down options.
A: Check to make sure you created terms already that are in Draft status. 

Q: What are Partial Terms?
A: Please contact your Client Success/Client Management lead to discuss the solutions and uses for partial terms.

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