Blackboard Integration


Below you will find an example of the our Blackboard integration guide that you can review.
AEFIS will supply you with a customized guide for your institution that you will be able to complete the integration with.

AEFIS Blackboard REST & LTI Setup

(v6 – 4/20/2020)

This document covers requirements for AEFIS / Blackboard integration. A Blackboard Administrator working with an AEFIS integration technician can complete requirements for connectivity between AEFIS and Blackboard LMS. There may be additional personnel required for unforeseen circumstances such as client network or server restrictions.
Once you have completed the steps below, please send your Blackboard URL to your AEFIS integration contact.

AEFIS LTI Tools Integration

AEFIS Tools integration allows students and instructors the ability to view and edit related AEFIS content within the context of a Blackboard course.


  • LTI Tool Provider Key supplied by AEFIS
  • LTI Tool Provider Secret supplied by AEFIS 
  • Tool Provider Custom Parameters content supplied by AEFIS
  • Tool Provider URL supplied by AEFIS
  • AEFIS Icon supplied by AEFIS
  • REST Application ID supplied by AEFIS
  • AEFISProxyTool Shared Password
  • Blackboard Course ID provided in the Course Section file of the data feed sent to AEFIS

LTI Configuration

  1. In Blackboard, an administrator should select System Admin, Building Blocks, Building Blocks, LTI Tools Providers
    1. If AEFIS Tools already exists in the list of LTI Tools Providers, please delete it before proceeding.
  2. Select Register Provider Domain
  3. Enter the following information and Submit
    1. Provider Domain: Paste the following:

<Your Institution AEFIS_URL>

  1. Provider Domain Status: Select Approved
  2. Default Configuration: Select Set separately for each link
  3. Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL
  4. User Fields to Send: Check all 
  5. Show User Acknowledgement Message: Select Yes
  6. Message Text: Type the following:  

Loading AEFIS Tools

  1. Click Submit
    Click the down arrow next to the domain you just added
  1. Choose Manage Placements in the new AEFIS domain context menu.
  1. Select Create Placement
  2. Enter the following information and Submit:
    1. Label: Type the following:


  1. Description: Type the following:

View syllabus, evaluations, assessments and more.

  1. Handle: Type the following:


  1. Availability: Choose Yes
  2. Type: Choose Student Tool
  3. Launch in New Window: Leave unchecked
  4. Icon:

Download the icon from the following link then upload it to Blackboard 

  1. Tool Provider URL:

Paste the following:
https://<Your Institution AEFIS_URL>/index.cfm/page/AefisFramework.login

  1. Tool Provider Key: To be provided by AEFIS
  2. Tool Provider Secret: To be provided by AEFIS
  3. Tool Provider Custom Parameters

Paste the following:

  1. Click Submit

Verify the installation by going to a course then click Tools and you should see AEFIS Tools listed.

AEFIS Blackboard Integration Data Requirements

AEFIS Blackboard integration data requirements detail the data required from the client LMS and SIS to relate both within the AEFIS system.

Blackboard Data

The AEFIS System expects links from the Blackboard LMS that contain Course ID. Since the Course ID is specific to Blackboard, the Blackboard Course ID for each course will need to be included in the SIS import data with related course sections.

AEFIS Blackboard REST Integration

First,  we request that you create a service account in order for the integration function properly, e.g. aefis_integration user. This service account will need the following roles:

Primary Institution Role: Other
Secondary Institution Roles: None

Primary System Role: Course Administrator
Secondary System Roles: None

Second, you will setup the actual REST API integration:

  1. In Blackboard, an administrator should select System Admin, Building Blocks, REST API Integrations.
  2. Click Create Integration
  3. Enter the following information and submit:
    1. Application ID: Type the following:

To be provided by AEFIS

  1. Learn User: Choose the service account that you created above.

AEFIS Submission Integration

The following is required in order to allow AEFIS to pull Assignment Submissions from Blackboard. Please note for this integration to work your Blackboard application must be version 3400.6 or higher.

In Blackboard, an administrator should select System Admin, Content Management, Manage Content

  1. Open the folder named internal
  2. Click the down arrow next to the courses folder
  3. Click Permissions
  4. Click Select Specific Users
  5. Type the username of the account you created above during the REST integration
  6. Under Set Permissions choose Read
  7. Click Submit
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