AEFIS Strategic Planning+Data Collection Solution Overview

Manage your high-level Institutional Goals, align them with your Academic and Non-academic units, and track them to completion!

Track your high-level goals, integrate them with your direct assessment process, and make it easy to contribute evidence to your institutional and programmatic strategic plans. AEFIS Strategic Planning+Data Collection offers access to data in ways that institutions may have not had the opportunity to experience in one place, one platform.  AEFIS Strategic Planning and Data Collection solution is built on the highly flexible Data Collection and Workflow Engine, and allows for the creation of highly customizable forms and workflows that allow stakeholders to upload evidence and link it to institutional planning objectives. Workflows allow a form to move from one user(s) to the next for collection of assessment plans, contributions to reports and self-studies, strategic plans, faculty promotion, and tenure review processes, and feedback rubrics, and more. 

Key Benefits

Align your Goals top down for all your Units

Enable alignment with your top-level plan and individual unit plans. Allow the creation of academic and non-academic unit plans and link these and evidence collected to your overarching institutional plan.

Collect Information from your Institution and Feed into your Strategic Plan

Use the Data Collection and Workflow Engine to create forms and processes to collect data from your institution collaboratively, and feed into your strategic plan.

Collect and Attach Evidence to your Strategic Plan Items

Verify, attach and annotate evidence to appropriate strategic planning goals.

Track Budgets around your Strategic Plan

Maintain budget line items linked to strategic initiatives in one place.


  • Manage and track university-wide, college, and department strategic plans
  • Gather evidence to support strategic objectives including key-performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Display dashboards of goal performance in real-time
  • Create and automate program/unit assessment, promotion & tenure, curriculum & course review, and more through workflows

Success Examples

  • SUNY Oswego annual collection of their Strategic Plan results
  • Thomas Jefferson University annual creation of Strategic Plan Goals & Sub-Goals and progress reports
  • Texas A&M University linking of Strategic Plan Objectives with their Annual Assessment Plan & Reporting workflow
  • Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine annual collection of Strategic Plan progress reports for CODA Accreditation

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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