AEFIS Platform

AEFIS is the “All-in-One” Institutional Effectiveness Platform.

AEFIS advances the path to educational impact and authentic lifelong learning by providing a unified platform for measuring institutional assessment, curating the learning journey, and planning for continuous improvement to help colleges and universities achieve the greatest outcomes today and prepare students for future success.

All-in-one and Works Together by Design

All AEFIS solutions are integrated and work together by design. They don’t just integrate, they were designed as a whole. AEFIS was designed to address all your needs.

Empowers Digital Transformation

AEFIS is Flexible, customizable, and is organized the same way as your institution. AEFIS paves your path to digital transformation.

Integrated with Campus Systems

At AEFIS, we love standards. We support open standards and through them connect to all your institutional systems. AEFIS makes sure that you have all the information you need.

Key Benefits

Built-in business objects for Institutional Process Management and Improvement

AEFIS collects your academic data from your source of truth (your SIS or other systems) and provides a repository for all of your academic business objects creating an academic platform to manage your institutional processes. All your business objects, courses, programs, curriculum maps, syllabus are versioned and you can track changes as you move along in your process improvement.

Built in Form Designer, Workflow and Process Engine

AEFIS architecture includes a visual form designer and a built-in workflow engine. Dynamic forms and workflows are used in many of our solutions and will power your digital transformation. Your users can create and manage these processes with just visual tools and no-code!

Customizable but also supports Institutional Governance

AEFIS platform is easily configured by templates and settings. This configuration aligns with the complex academic hierarchy and can be set and customized at different levels. You can set a value at the institution level, and update It for a specific department, or even a course if necessary. Each setting can be enforced at higher levels too! One college can lock the setting enforcing it to all lower levels providing governance.

Built-in Scheduling using Institutional Milestone Events

AEFIS was designed with automation and ease of use in mind. The built-in scheduler, lets you configure your business processes using the timelines and terminology you are accustomed to. Define your terms’ milestone events, and configure all your processes once, AEFIS will orchestrate all of your institutional processes for you.

Open, Accessible and Transparent

AEFIS integrates with your institutional systems, SIS, LMS, and SSO systems and continuously receives data from them, providing you a data-rich platform to assess, automate and improve your processes. If your SIS doesn’t store your co-curricular activities, manage them in AEFIS. AEFIS will be your source of truth for any institutional data that you don’t store in another system!

Event-driven Architecture

AEFIS uses an event-driven architecture, to orchestrate important processes like starting surveys, activating sections at the beginning of terms, and others. This event-driven architecture is the engine behind the synchronization of complex business events and enables flexible scheduling, providing a real-time stream of events that you can also tap into, for a better understanding of what’s happening in your institution.


  • End-to-End Infrastructure for academic automation, transformation, and innovation
  • Designed from the ground up to support learner-centered integrative learning
  • Organized based on Academic Hierarchy and Access Permissions
  • Hierarchical configuration management that supports “Top-down” and “Bottom-up” designs
  • Centralized access to institutional data based on hierarchical roles and permissions
  • Support for improvement management through versioning and change tracking of key business entities
  • Built-in decentralized self-sovereign access to learner and instructor data
  • Support for structured and unstructured processes
  • Support for “Top-down” and “Bottom-up” strategic initiatives
  • Seamless integration with all mainstream institutional systems (SSO, SiS, LMS)
  • Business event-driven architecture
  • Native support for multiple simultaneous academic terms, calendars, and milestones
  • Founded on a unified continuous data model
  • Designed from the ground up as an all-in-one platform
  • Security-focused application design
  • Privacy assurance to individual and institutional data (Learner, Earner, and Instructor)
  • Hosted in a private cloud with a single-tenant architecture with industry-standard security best practices
  • Continuously improved technology stack
  • State of the art development framework
  • ISO27001*, HIPAA*, ADA, WCAG, and FERPA Compliant
  • Support for industry-accepted interoperability standards including CLR, Open Badges, Caliper*, LTI, LTI Advantage, CASE

Review all AEFIS solutions:

Course + Syllabus Management
Course Evaluation + Feedback
Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae
Strategic Planning + Data Collection
Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection
Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) – Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio
Self Study + Accreditation Reporting
Curriculum Management

Read the AEFIS Technology Architecture to understand the architecture that powers the AEFIS Platform.

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