AEFIS Partnership Update—AAMC

Our Partner: Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
Location: Washington, D.C.
Since: August 2019

Current Status

AEFIS has been an active technology partner of the Association of American Medical College (AAMC) Curriculum Inventory since August 2019.

AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory “provides a platform and structure for health professions educators’ to establish their local curriculum inventory and benchmark their curriculum according to national aggregates.”

AEFIS is committed to applying AAMC CI technical standards and business rules to support medical schools’ curriculum mapping across the country.

Click Here to Learn More About AAMC CI Technical Standards

Projects Update

University of Minnesota – Medical School

The AEFIS Team is working closely with Medical School Team at the University of Minnesota to transition them from their current curriculum map platform to AEFIS. AEFIS will provide them all the necessary XML exports based on the AAMC technical specifications for upload into the AAMC Portal in September 2021.

Texas A&M University – College of Medicine

The AEFIS Team has also started working with Texas A&M University and is in the initial stages of conversations. They hope to have their curriculum map in AEFIS over the next year with the goal of upload to the AAMC Portal in September 2022.

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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