AEFIS Integration Methods

AEFIS provides multiple methods for application and data integration with other institutional systems. Your institutions can use all these different methods for integration depending on your use case.


AEFIS Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to your AEFIS data for use externally in other applications, for data access, data consumption, reporting or any other application integration purpose. 

Access to the AEFIS API is secured using a hierarchical permission structure similar to that of the AEFIS Platform. 

AEFIS DW Interface

AEFIS Data Warehouse Interface (“DW Interface”) provides access to the flat and analytics-ready version of your AEFIS data to import into your data warehouse. Once AEFIS DW Interface is implemented, you can use AEFIS data in your institutional reports or dashboards. All AEFIS Analytical data is available through the DW Interface.

AEFIS Event Subscription

AEFIS uses event-driven architecture, to orchestrate important business functions like starting surveys, activating sections at the beginning of terms, etc. The event-driven architecture enables synchronization of complex business events and enables flexible scheduling. Any business action in AEFIS such as a student receiving an assessment, a term starting, or a form submission, creates a business event. AEFIS Event Subscription provides an endpoint for our partners to subscribe to specific business events and get notified when such an event occurs.

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