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On the top left corner of the screen, there is the three horizontal line menu icon hamburger.png. This is also known as the “hamburger icon,” and it is referred as such in AEFIS Academy user guides. Selecting this icon will open the menu containing menu items specific admin menu options. On the top right side, there is the support icon question_mark.png, the notifications icon notification_bell.png, and the user’s name. The support icon will open up a new browser to AEFIS academy, where there are plenty of support articles. The notification bell will open up the notification tab. Selecting the admin’s name will open a drop down menu with the options to see your profile, and sign out of AEFIS.


Now let’s get familiar with the main dashboard. This will be the admin’s command center. The dashboard displays important information pertinent to the admin. User dashboards may look different between one another depending on the role of  the user within AEFIS.

  1. Course Catalog – The total number of courses listed at the institution, consisting of finalized, draft, and of “In Revision” courses is displayed here. There is also a circle graph showing the percentage of each course status.
  2. Course Sections – The current term’s course sections that have been created and are awaiting approval and faculty, along with the completed finalized course sections can be seen here.
  3. My Course Evaluations – The evaluations given in a specific term/semester along with metrics, responses and actions of the evaluations are presented here.
  4. My Course Sections & Syllabi – The class or classes of the current term/semester that the faculty member is teaching or involved with is shown here. By selecting the blue pencil to the right of each class, the faculty member can edit class options such as the syllabus.
  5. My Direct Assessments – The running and previous direct assessments the faculty has scheduled are displayed here. The results of the direct assessments can be found by selecting the graph icon next to the desired assessment.
  6. Reports – The surveys and course evaluations summary results is shown here. By selecting the blue pencil icon to the right of the desired report, a report can be generated with the desired settings.
  7. My Documents Requests –  The request for documentation such as survey report pdf, will appear in this widget while it downloads and will notify user when ready to download.

Take the dashboard out for a spin and navigate through the different options. As admin continue to use AEFIS, the ease of navigating AEFIS will increase. For more help, visit the User Guide section or the Request Support section.

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