HelioCampus-Brightspace by D2L Solution Guide

Access your D2L data in HelioCampus! Pull direct assessment data seamlessly into HelioCampus and track student learning institution-wide.

HelioCampus strongly believes in interoperability and plays nicely with other systems on your campus. Therefore, HelioCampus easily integrates with your learning management system, Brightspace by D2L. This helps you effectively leverage the already existing direct assessment data and learning workflows on your campus. Through integration, HelioCampus provides a powerful new platform that allows you to demonstrate your commitments to measurable and effective teaching and learning.


Brightspace by D2L Integration Guide

This document covers requirements for HelioCampus / D2L integration. A D2L Administrator working with an integration technician can complete requirements. There may be additional personnel required for unforeseen circumstances such as client network or server restrictions.

As educational technology is constantly changing, having your data in AEFIS also allows the separation of learning environments from quality assurance processes. Using HelioCampus as a dedicated and independent quality assurance solution, institutions can maintain a robust continuous improvement process and information even if they make changes to their key enterprise systems such as D2L. Review AEFIS LMS Integration Solution Guide for higher-level information regarding leveraging your LMS data.

Review our Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection Solution to understand how you can automate your assessment process with AEFIS and your LMS system.

Go through the AEFIS Technology Architecture to understand the details of our LMS Integration.

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