AEFIS Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment Solution Overview

Design and manage all your curriculum maps in one central location!

Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment

Through our proprietary WYSIWYG Curriculum Design features, program coordinators can easily relate their Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to Accreditor, College, Department, and Institution Outcomes. Our Mapping by Course and Mapping by Outcome user interface allows users in just a few minutes to create a mapping between their Courses and Co-Curricular Activities and the outcomes of their programs. The built-in program versioning allows you to make changes year after year and at any time compare changes that have occurred over multiple years.

“5-Min Walkthrough” Video

Key Benefits

Central Program Manager

Manage all of your academic and non-academic programs in one location. Based on your permissions you can have the ability to create, revise and publish your programs.

Outcome Sets

Add Institutional, College, Department, and Accreditor Outcome Set’s from the central Outcome Set Manager in AEFIS!

Create Outcome Relationships

Add your Program Learning Outcomes and then with. a few clicks create relationships between your PLOs and your Institution, College, Department, or Accreditor Outcomes. “Measure one and Report to each Outcome Set!”

Educational Experiences

Create categories and add academic courses from your course catalog or co-curricular activities created in AEFIS to each of your programs.

Curriculum Design

Easily map your Program Learning Outcomes to your academic courses or co-curricular activities. Includes the ability to map your PLOs directly to the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs).


  • Manage curriculum mapping and outcomes alignment for all academic and non-academic programs
  • Create relationships among institutional, college, accreditor, program learning outcomes, and course learning outcomes
  • Use courses, co-curricular experiences, and digital credentials throughout the mapping process
  • Visually design developmentally appropriate programs
  • Define proficiency scales for easy outcome reporting at any level
  • Revise programs and curriculum maps through versioning
  • Configure each program based on particular needs

Success Examples

  • Brigham Young University – Idaho mapped all of their academic programs in AEFIS and each term collected outcomes assessment data seamlessly through our Canvas Integration
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center mapped all of their program learning outcomes to the Institutional Learning Outcome (iTeach) for their HLC visit
  • New Mexico State University, Alamogordo mapped all of their academic programs and now uses AEFIS as their source of truth for curriculum maps
  • St. Mary’s College of Maryland mapped all majors and minors and has a central view of how their programs map to multiple interdisciplinary courses

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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