AEFIS Curriculum Management Solution Overview

Complete course, syllabus, and program lifetime management with process management, change tracking, and workflows.

AEFIS Curriculum Management provides a complete lifetime management solution for your curriculum. It does not only provide a flexible and powerful proposal management process but it’s also integrated into the AEFIS Course + Syllabus Management and Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment solutions and creates a complete platform, handling versioning of your programs, curriculum maps, and courses providing a pathway into an integrated assessment process.

Built on the powerful AEFIS Data Collection + Workflow Management Solution engine, our curriculum management solution integrates with other systems in your campus such as your SIS system and streamlines course, syllabus, program proposal processes with complete flexibility and transparency.

Key Benefits

Complete Lifetime Management for your Curriculum

AEFIS Curriculum Management gives you a complete view of your course or program’s lifetime. Each version of the curriculum information is saved with all details. You can review proposals related to each version and review and compare them, all from a single screen.

Track changes

AEFIS Curriculum management makes you know what changed, and when! You can review your changes between different versions of your curriculum information. You can even do a semantic text comparison of the changes.

Flexibility in customization for your College or Departments, and ability to enforce central rules

AEFIS Platform supports enhanced customization for different entities in your institution but also provides means for central management of processes. Each department can have different workflows or be enforced a single workflow.

Customize your change processes

AEFIS curriculum management processes can be designed purpose-specific. You can set up course proposals with an Integrated syllabus and CLO Management, program proposal processes integrated with outcome management, and program mapping. Most importantly, all your curriculum is already integrated into an assessment management platform.

Review our AEFIS Data Collection + Workflow Management Solution that powers this solution.

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