AEFIS Course Evaluation + Feedback Solution Overview

Listen to the pulse of your institution with the most advanced feedback solution!

Engage your faculty in continuous improvement with their course evaluation results! AEFIS “Course Evaluation + Feedback” solution provides the complete platform for course evaluation and institutional survey processes. Automate your evaluation, feedback with their notifications campus-wide. You can schedule beginning, middle, and end of term course evaluations university-wide based on your academic calendar. Conduct formative and summative evaluations, deploy surveys to all stakeholders and create dynamic questions based on individual instructors, and more. All this, unified with other AEFIS solutions, saving you time, money, and resources while providing a voice to your continuous improvement efforts!

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Key Benefits

Extensive Survey and Question Types

Survey your students, faculty, alumni, or administrative staff. Setup beginning of term, mid-term, or end of term surveys. Design survey forms using an extensive list of questions, such as instructor-specific questions, course learning outcomes questions, and others.

Centrally managed Course Evaluations, enabling Involvement of your Stakeholders

AEFIS course evaluations can be managed centrally, by your institution. The institution can coordinate the process and add the institutional set of questions, along with each college, department, course, and instructor adding their own question set.

Setup and forget! AEFIS will automate all your processes.

Your course evaluations have an embedded scheduler that is aware of your term based milestones, like term start date or last day of class. All you need to do is to configure the scheduler once, AEFIS will send your automated notifications, will create the action items for faculty and students, all your survey processes will run automagically. All you need to do is sit back and review the results.

Reuse and create a Library of Questions with organizational hierarchy and permissions.

AEFIS enables you to create a library of reusable questions that can be tagged and labeled. You can have institutional, college, or department level question libraries.

The most advanced survey platform!

AEFIS Course Evaluation solution is the most advanced survey platform! We support partial terms, your courses might have course-specific start/end dates, your surveys are scheduled automatically, with LMS Integration-your students can submit surveys with your LMS, and more…

Unified Data, Solutions and System, Right Out of the Box

Like all AEFIS Solutions, all these features are integrated with and provide data to other solutions in our platform. For example, your survey results are available in the Faculty Portfolio + CV Solution, Curriculum Management Solution, and other solutions.


  • Automate evaluation and feedback campus-wide
  • Conduct formative and summative evaluations
  • Schedule beginning, middle, and end of term course evaluations university-wide based on your academic calendar
  • Deploy surveys to students, instructors, alumni, and other stakeholders
  • Complete surveys on any device including mobile
  • Create dynamic questions based on Course Learning Outcomes from student and instructor perspectives
  • Create dynamic questions based on specific instructors
  • Build hierarchical survey templates with the ability for instructors to add questions
  • Automate notifications to students and instructors
  • Create a question library that is organized hierarchically
  • Integrate evaluations seamlessly with your Learning Management System (LMS)

Success Examples

  • Texas A&M running institution-wide end-of-term surveys for more than 70K students with over 300K+ survey instances.
  • The University of Wisconsin, Madison migration to university-wide online course evaluations from a mix of paper-based and electronic solutions
  • Drexel University using dynamic Course Learning Outcome-based questions in mid-term and end-of-term evaluations
  • University of the Sciences Philadelphia College of Pharmacy beginning and end co-curricular activity evaluations
  • Lincoln Land Community College Self Efficacy Pre/Post survey on HIPs

Developed with Partners

This solution like all other AEFIS solutions has been developed in collaboration with the following partner institutions:

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