AEFIS 3.70 Release Notes – September 2021

Quick Reference

Below find a quick reference list of all of the AEFIS solutions impacted by this release:

  • New Feature – Assignment Linking Manager
  • Assignments/Assignment Linking – Course Section Level
  • Direct Assessment Graph Report
  • Programs
  • Survey Templates
  • Survey Question Library
  • Survey Reports Exports


  • Assignment Linking Manager
    • Please see our new Assignment Linking Manager Comprehensive Guide!
    • Assignment linking manager allows users to manage assignment linkings centrally.
      • The left column shows all course sections regardless of whether they have assignments.
      • The middle column shows the outcomes that can be linked with an assignment for the selected course section.
      • The right column shows the assignments that belong to the selected course section. Assignments can be linked using the edit button on this column.
    • Filters can be used to find course sections quickly.
  • New Course Section Assignment Linking Manager
    • Note: Please contact your AEFIS client management contact if you would like to enable this new course section assignment linking interface.  This is not enabled by default in your system.
    • The main change to this view is that the page now now has two columns. The first column shows the outcomes that are linked with the course where the right column shows the assignment linking information. This user interface is the same as the Assignment Linking Manager, but it does not have the course section column or filters.
  • Direct Assessments Graph Report – Filtering by Student Degree Now Available
    • With this improvement, a new drop-down menu is available to filter assessment results by student’s degree.
  • Programs – Curriculum Map Excel Import/Export Option now available
    • On both the Program Mapping by Course and Mapping by Outcome page, a user may export an excel version of their curriculum map, and make mapping updates in that file.  Then the user may import the updated excel file to apply the updates to the Program.  Outcomes and Educational Experiences must be present in your Program prior to using this feature.
      Please click here for a guide on how to use this new feature.
  • Programs – Users may now Archive Programs 
    • Programs no longer in use may now be archived by users directly through the Actions drop-down menu within the Program home page.  
    • Archived programs will not display by default in the Program Manager page.  Instead, to review archived programs, users may filter by the “Archived” status through the filter on the Program Manager.mceclip5.png
  • Surveys – Skip Logic now available in Surveys and Course Evaluations!
    • Under Survey question configuration options, the option to Assign Actions is now available, which allows the user to add logic to that question.
    • When an action is added, you may identify an answer that will display additional questions.
  • Surveys: Improvements to the Survey Matrix Questions
    • With this improvement, a scroll option has been added to the matrix question type.

Resolved Bugs

  • Surveys: Issues on the CSV export of the Survey Results Page are Resolved
    • With this fix, CSV Exports from the Survey Results page display all expected data.
  • Programs: Inaccurate data display on Mapping At a Glance page is resolved
    • Previously, the % mapping data and outcome count/mapping count was not accurately representing mapping relationships.  This data display is now resolved.
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