AEFIS 3.68 Release Notes – July 2021

Quick Reference

Below find a quick reference list of all of the AEFIS solutions impacted by this release:

  • Course Evaluations 
  • Rubric Criteria Library
  • AEFIS Assignments – Assignment Templates
  • CLR/Learning Journey


  • COURSE EVALUATIONS, AEFIS ASSIGNMENTS: Permissions to access and manage the Question Library, Rubric Criteria Library, and Assignment Template Manager are Updated
    • With this improvement, permissions are set as below:
      • Course Evaluation Question Library
        • Institution Admin, College Admin, College Survey Admin, Department Admin, Department Survey Admins show be able to view all questions in the library.
        • Editing of the questions should only be available if the question is owned by that college or department.
      • Rubric Criteria Library
        • All roles except Students, Preceptors, and Guests should be able to view all rubrics in the rubric library.
        • Editing of the rubric criteria is only available based on the user’s role and the ownership of the rubric criteria.  For example, only an Institution Admin can edit an Institution owned rubric criteria.
      • Assignment Templates
        • Institution Admin, College Admin, Department Admin, Course Coordinator role show be able to view all assignment templates.
        • Editing of the assignment templates should only be available in the assignment template is owned by that College, Department, or Course.

  • Ability to Remove Assignment Linkings for Invalid Assignments
    • There are two types of “Invalid” assignments in AEFIS. One case is Learning Management System (LMS) assignments which are copied into a section upon term activation or manually from a previous term which do not match an assignment in the current term.  The other case is when an assignment from the LMS with a point value that was linked has the point value removed in the LMS. With this improvement, users can remove the assignment links if the assignment is invalid for any reason.  Previously, the user was blocked from unchecking the assignment linking box due to an invalid notification.

  • Learning Journey Features Released (New CLR!)
    • Note – for more information about Learning Journey, please contact your Client Management team
    • Educational Experience Page now Available
      • If Learning Journey is enabled for students, this feature allows students to see details of the assignments that are completed on their learning journey.
    • Skills Page Now Available
      • If Learning Journey is enabled for students, they can see the details of each assessment on the skills page per learning outcome.
    • Learning Evidence Page Now Available
      • If Learning Journey is enabled for students, they may see or add evidence to their learning journey.
  • REPORT DASHBOARD: Analysis of Student Course Evaluations by Instructor Report will only show the name for the single selected instructor even if the course is co-taught
    • Previously all instructor names would display when a course was co-taught which caused confusion about which results were displayed.  Now only the selected instructor displays.
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