AEFIS 3.65 Release Notes – April 2021


Self Study Export Options are Improved!

  • With this improvement, added a new button “Export Self Study” which allows to user to extract all of the attached evidence and main self-study pdf files as a zip file.

Self Study Preview Options are Improved!

  • With this improvement, each of the self study sections can be previewed separately using the new “Preview Content” button.

 Copy from Functionality is Available for Survey Questions!

  • With this improvement, survey questions can be copied from the source course section to the target course section using the “Copy From” option on the course section Action items drop down menu at the top right of the Course Section home page.

Widget Permissions for Survey Admin Roles are Updated!

  • With this improvement, Reports and My Document Requests widgets can be seen by the Institution, College, and Department Survey Admins on their AEFIS Dashboard.

Score Button is Disabled for Completed AEFIS Assignments!

  • With this development, completed AEFIS assignments can not be scored once the scoring due date has passed. The assignment needs to be reopened for scoring/submission purposes at that point.

Data Collection Auto and Manual Copy Features are Available!

  • With this improvement, past data collection form data can be copied from the selected instances using the “Copy From” button for Data Collections the status of in-progress or pending.

Also, previous data collection forms can be viewed using the “Review Previous Form” button if the setting is enabled on the schedule level.


Admins now have the ability to Edit Other Instructors Faculty Portfolio

  • With this improvement, the roles – Inst. Admin, College Admin, & Department Admins are able to edit other instructors’ faculty portfolios. Previously, they were only able to view other faculty portfolios.

Resolved Bugs

  • Self Study Hyperlinked Text Issues are Resolved
    • With this fix, hyperlinked text option can be used for the viewing evidence without an issue.

Issues on the Self Study Document Preview are Resolved

  • With this fix, inserted evidence can be seen on the self study document preview screen without any issue.

Issues on ‘Preview and Download Functionality’ for Document Upload in Faculty Portfolio are now resolved.

  • With this fix, In the ‘Preview Portfolio’, the ‘Preview Document’ and the ‘download’ button are working as expected when documents are included in portfolio entries.

Issue on Self Study Selection Drop-down in the User Accounts page is now resolved.

  • With this fix, new and existing self study items are now visible in the user account dropdown.

Issue on Survey Milestone Settings to add new drop down item is now resolved.

  • With this fix, Last Day of Add/Drop option was added to Survey Start Date and Survey End Date milestone events in the Survey Schedule, Department, College, and Institution survey settings. To utilize this setting, the Last Day of Add/Drop term date must be included for the term in which the survey is scheduled.
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