AEFIS 3.62 Release Notes – January 2021


Self Study Home Statistics and Graphs are Improved!

  • With this improvement, the status of the contents and the rubrics can be tracked through the self-study home page.





Updated Assessment End Date to the Last Day of Class of the Next Term

  • Previously, the assessment end date was on the 1st Day of Class of the next term.  With this improvement, the end date of the assessment is changed to the Last Day of the Class of the next term.

Updated Assessment End Date for assessments that use Partial Terms!

  • Previously, the assessment end date was the End Date of the Partial Term. With this improvement, the end date of the assessment is now the Last Day of the Class of the next master term.

Multiple Assessor Option added for Converted LMS Assignments!

  • With this improvement, converted LMS assignments can be evaluated by multiple assessors. This option is now available with the wizard that users convert LMS assignments to the AEFIS assignments.

A new manager “Assignment Template” is available!

  • With this improvement, assignments can be created on the Assignment Template Manager and can be added to the courses using the “Add From Library” option.

“Not Managed in AEFIS” type of Assignments is available on the Action Items for the Instructors and Course Section Directors

  • With this improvement, Instructors and Course Section Directors can see the “Not Managed in AEFIS” type Assignments on their action items.

Self-Study Evidence Hyperlink Visualization is Available on the Self Section Editor

  • Previously, the Hyperlinked Text could be used on the self-study editor page. With this improvement, the same feature is available on the self section editor Page.

Updated default value for the Instructor Course Evaluation Settings

  • The default value for the Instructor Course Evaluation (End of Term) setting has been updated. The Survey End date milestone is now the Term End date instead of Last Day of Final Exams.

Upgraded Role specific permission within Gradebook

  • When we have multiple assessors for an assignment, we added permission for roles such as Institute Admin, College Admin, Department Admin & Course Section Director. They will now be able to access these within the Gradebook.

Revising a Course will copy all Assignments, Rubrics, and Assignment Linkings

  • While revising a course, only assignments are copied over to the new version of the course. With this improvement, Rubrics and Assignment Linkings will be copied along with the assignments.

Resolved Bugs

  • Assignment linking at Course level is removed after Program revision.
    • The assignments linking are removed at the course level from the UI after the associated program is revised, which was an unexpected behavior. This behavior has been resolved and currently, even after the associated program is revised, the assignment linking still exists at the course level.
  • The ‘Select/Deselect’ option within the ‘Course Evaluation Analysis’ report issue has been resolved!
    • Within the report, selecting the header level checkbox was not working as expected. The issue has been resolved and both select/deselect options are working properly.

Last Updated Date Box is overlapping Section Title Box in a Data Collection Form

  • The Section 1 title and description seem to be covered by the “Last Updated” grey box appearing at the top of the form. The issue has now been resolved
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