AEFIS 3.57 Release Notes – July 2020


  • Course Learning Outcome Tagging Added!
    • The ability to add tags to Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) is now available. In v3.59, we will add reports that can pull all CLOs associated with specific tags.
    • Screen_Shot_2020-07-22_at_3.38.05_PM.png
  • Assignment Rubric Visibility Option Added! 
    • You now have the ability to choose from three different options when providing rubric information back to students
      • Display final score and points with the rubric criteria levels to students (Default)
      • Display only the rubric levels
      • Do not display the rubric to the students

Resolved Bugs

  • CLO Direct Assessment Summary Report Aggregation Error Resolved 
    • Total Number of Assessments and Percentage that met the Performance Goal has been resolved to aggregate the data correctly from the course. 
  • Assignment Linking Not Displaying Weights Correctly
    • In some cases, the auto calculation of the assignment linking would calculate the weight more than 100%. These cases have been resolved. 
  • Assignment Outcome Linking Report and Assessment Outcome Linking Results Reports Resolved 
    • There two reports showed assignments that were not linked to outcomes in certain instances. This has been resolved and now only shows assignments that were linked to outcomes. 
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