AEFIS 3.56 Release Notes – June 2020


  • Course Section Outcomes Assessment Results Page Updated!
    • The Course Section Outcomes Assessment Results page was revised to include a more user-friendly experience plus additional features to enable you to pivot the data based on filters such as Outcome Space, student degree, and result type.mceclip19.png
  • Assignment Outcome Linking Results Report Update
    • Column Name “Assignment” in the earlier version of the Assignment Outcomes Linking Results Report was revised to now display: “Assignment” & “Rubric Criteria”mceclip5.png

  • Assignment Outcome Linking Report Displays Thresholds
    • Assignment Linking Thresholds have been added to the Assignment Outcome Linking Reportmceclip7.png 

  • Course Section Syllabus Form Items “Required”
    • Course Section Syllabus Form Items set as Required will now prevent users from being able to publish their course section without having content in the required form items.mceclip8.png

  • Details Page added to Co-Curricular Activity
    • This NEW! “Details” page will allow users to update the Name and Description of a co-curricular activity when it is in either “Draft” or “In Revision” status.mceclip11.png

  • Task Email Notifications
    • When a task is created in AEFIS, within a “Self-Study”, “Course”, “Program”, “Data Collection”, etc., the user assigned the task will receive an email notification.
    • Users can update the email body of the notifications through the “Organizational Hierarchy” (Institution, College, Department) in the left menu item called “Other Notifications”mceclip13.png

  • “Instructor-Only” Completed Practicums Viewable by Students in AEFIS Dashboard Widget
      • Previously if a Practicum was set up without students’ self-evaluation, the students were unable to view the completed practicum evaluation by the instructor.
      • Now, with this improvement, students can view all completed practicums on their dashboard.mceclip15.png

  • Practicums Can be Assigned to Course Section Director or Instructor Roles
      • Both roles have been added to Practicumsmceclip16.png

  • Additional Survey Question Types Added to Institution, College and Department Levels in the Organizational Hierarchy
    • The following question types have been added to the Organizational Hierarchy for use in surveys:
      • Instructor Text/Memo
      • Instructor Multiple-Choice
      • CLO Placeholder
      • Auto Complete Drop-Downmceclip18.png 

Resolved Bugs

  • Assignment Linking Weighting Resolved!
    • Many users experienced >100% error when they linked more than 5 assignments; the calculation error has been resolved in this release.
  • Scored In Progress Assignments No Longer Appear in Action Items for Instructors/Assessors
    • When the scoring of all students is completed, the action item will NO longer appear in the user’s dashboard.

 Helpful Tips:

If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the AEFIS Client Success Team

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