AEFIS 3.55 Release Notes – May 2020


Direct Assessment Summary and Student Outcome Achievement Report Updates to Student Degree Parameters

This will be available on training sites by Monday, May 11th

  • The aggregation process within AEFIS was causing incorrect results when a user-selected no student degree or one or more student degrees when displaying outcome assessment results.
  • This has been corrected and users are able to run both of these reports and not select a student degree. The results will now skip the aggregation on the student’s degree and display the percentage or number of students that met the rubric level. 
  • If a student’s degree is selected, the aggregation will include that/those degree(s) and only display a student’s performance for that/those degree(s).

Institution, College, and Department Survey Questions can now be revised! 

  • Previously Institution, College, and Department surveys could not be revised. A new button has been added to the survey questions page within the Organizational Hierarchy (located in the AEFIS menu on the home page) to revise the questions prior to the start of the next survey. The new survey instance will then include the revised questions.

Practicum Forms Generated For All Types of Instructor Roles

This will be available on training sites by Monday, May 11th

  • During the practicum scheduling process, the administrator can select which instructor role(s) they want to be included in the practicum. These roles include Course Section Director, Instructor, Teaching Assistant (TA), and Preceptor. 

Editing Self-Study Section Content 

  • Multiple users that are working within a self-study section can edit at the same time without having to wait a day.

User Roles Reporting

This will be available on training sites by Monday, May 11th

  • From the User Accounts Manager, administrators have the ability to export a list of user’s roles and their associated programs, departments, and colleges.

Data Collection Status Report

This will be available on training sites by Monday, May 11th

  • A new report will be available to view the status and stage of a Data Collection Form for the following roles: College Academic Liaisons, Department Academic Liaisons, College Admins, Department Admins, Institution Admins.

Resolved Bugs

  • The “My Course Evaluation Widget” now displays a response rate for course evaluations that do not include multiple-choice questions. This was deployed as an emergency fix to all partners on versions 3.52, 3.53, 3.54, and 3.55.
  • “Survey Metrics” has been updated to only allow the same type of question to be used within a single metric (e.g. all questions need to be a multiple-choice single answer).

 Helpful Tips:

If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the AEFIS Client Success Team

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