AEFIS 3.41 Release Notes – March 2019

3.41 Release Notes
3.41 Training Release: Monday, March 4th, 2019
Next Release:
3.42 Training Release: Monday, April 1st, 2019

New Features

Practicums — Participants Page UI Rework

  • The page has been updated to be more user friendly for checking the status of forms and completing actions related to them

Practicums — Split Screen Addition Implemented

  • When using a multi-stage practicum, the faculty can complete their form while viewing the student’s submitted responses from the previous stage in the workflow. In the screenshot below you can see how the faculty can see the student response on top while completing their form on the bottom.

Survey Schedules Manager — Addition of “Copy” to the Manage drop-down next to each schedule

  • Previously if you wanted to copy a survey schedule you would have to find the survey, press manage, and locate the “Copy” button within the Actions drop-down in the top-right. Additionally, now you can copy directly from the Survey Schedule Manager Page without accessing said schedule.


Survey Templates — Max Number of Question Responses Increased

  • Max number of answer options has been updated from 15 to 50 possible
  • Increase is applicable for Multi-Choice Multi Answer, Multi Choice Single Answer, and Drop-down select question-types

Course Section Assignment Linking — UI Updated!

  • In order to improve loading speed, overall look and feel, and provide extra details such as the Outcome space of the mapping, the interface as been updated to look like the following

Course Section AEFIS-Managed Assignments — Download Attachments Options Expanded

  • On the Assignment “Submissions” page, there will now be check-boxes next to each student that can be used to customize the group of attachments to download into a zip file
  • On the Assignment “Gradebook” page there will now be check-boxes next to each student that can be used to customize the group of attachments to download into a zip file
  • Actions drop-down next to each student on Submissions page allows download of select students one by one

Surveys — Form UI Updated

  • In order to match the UI Form Display for Data Collection Forms, the display for Surveys has been updated to the new format displayed below

Programs — PLO Ordering by Code

  • When you access Mapping by Course and press “Edit”, PLOs would be displayed in a side menu of this page based on ABC ordering of PLO Name/Title. This will now be in ABC order by Code (ex. BIO.1, BIO.2, BIO.3)

Course Section AEFIS-Managed Assignments — Audio/Video Submission playback supported in AEFIS Gradebook

  • Supported audio formats include: MP3, OGG, and WAV
  • Supported video formats include: MP4, WebM, and Ogg
  • An alert will display if a user attempts to open a submission of a different type than the above formats, or already existing formats (i.e. PDF, Excel, Word, etc.)

Surveys — Excluded Faculty will filter down to cross-listed linked sections

  • On the Surveys>>Assigned Courses Page, if you were to exclude a faculty from being evaluated by instructor-type questions for a master-linked course section, that excluded faculty would also be automatically excluded from the child-linked course section.

Course Section Assignments/Assignment Linking — Copying for LMS Assignments now supported

  • If a course is copied on the LMS side to create one for a new term with the exact same assignments (and the AEFIS Program PLOs/PIs are exactly the same) the Assignments and their linkages will be copied forward to the new course section for use in Direct Assessment.


Unexpected Connect Error accessing Program Details/Student Outcomes Tabs

  • Error for newly added Program Coordinators being unable to access these two program pages due to some items requiring College Admin security permissions. The permission error has been resolved for Program Coordinators and verified as working correctly for all other user roles.

Direct Assessment Form — LMS Assignment Calculation Bug

  • If an LMS assignment was setup with an set of rubric criteria not used for grading, and those criteria were linked into AEFIS Direct assessments, the Total points of the assignment rather than the criteria points would be pulled into the AEFIS Calculations.

Accreditor Outcome Set — Deletions not reflected in Programs

  • Previously, if you were to make a change to a set of accreditor outcomes in AEFIS (example – switching ABET a-k to 1-7 outcomes) both the new outcomes and deleted ones would appear in a long list. Deleted outcomes will now be reflected in the Program Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping.

AEFIS-Managed LMS Assignment — Error Accessing Rubric Criteria

  • Should you wish it, you have the ability to convert LMS Assignments (it’s name, total points, end date, etc.) into AEFIS to be able to add new rubric criteria to it and grade through the AEFIS Gradebook. A security error preventing faculty from accessing the rubric criteria page so they can add new ones to these converted assignments has been resolved.

External Survey Aggregate Results — Page was not view-able for Dept Admin user roles

  • In a bug that existed just for External Group Surveys, Dept Admins were not able to correctly view results for those surveys even if they were owned by the very same department. Permissions have now been updated for the survey type.
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