AEFIS 3.39 Release Notes – January 2019

3.39 Release Notes
3.39 Training Release: Monday, January 7th, 2019
Next Release:
3.40 Training Release: Monday, February 4th, 2019

New Features

Direct Assessments — Multiple Assessors

  • An Option is now available in Course Section Settings and Assignment Creation for “Student Submission in AEFIS” and “No Submission in AEFIS” Assignment types to enable Multiple Assessors. The Assignment final grade can be set to use a default grading method of average, highest, or primary instructor

Syllabus Template Versioning Added

  • Similar to our Course and Program versioning, this allows an institution, college or department to update their syllabus template and have the changes be added when the next term is activated. This will keep all previously entered data by instructors to stay intact and display the newly added sections/changes.

Disabling of Manual Cross-Listed Course Sections

  • Since most of our partners send their cross-listed course section information from the SIS Data Feed we have disabled manually cross-listed course sections. This ensures that the integrations between LMS’ and AEFIS work without issues. If you want to allow your instructors to cross-list their course sections through the UI in AEFIS, please contact us at [email protected]

Practicums are now available!

  • Practicum Forms is where you can build a set of Survey Questions that will be sent to faculty/students for Clinical Evaluations
  • Practicum Schedules is where you schedule said forms in a linked together format so that you can evaluate in stages using two templates multiple times in a term.
    • A set of questions is required to be sent to instructor, but adding in a set of questions to be sent to students is optional
    • Can be sent Beginning, Middle, and End of the terms
    • Assigning Include/Exclude Groups allows you to set which sections will receive
  • Practicums is where you can view currently running/completed Practicums
  • For further questions on this solution, please feel free to reference the AEFIS New Features Webinar:

Improved AEFIS Login Page

  • The initial Login Screen will default to the institution authentication as the login method (CAS, Shibboleth, etc.)
  • “Remember my sign in method’ will automatically take the user to their chosen login
  • Various Social Login Options Implemented (Facebook, Linkedin, Slack, Google)


Syllabi Export PDF Zip File

  • On the Course Section Manager page, you will now have the ability to check off multiple sections and export all their syllabi into a zip file. This option can be found in the Actions dropdown located in the top-right.

Student Course Evaluation Analysis by Faculty & Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis Reports — Data displayed will only be of selected faculty

  • Previously, despite selecting which faculty to view comments data for, the primary and secondary faculty results would be lumped together when running the report. Now, only the selected faculty’s results will be displayed regardless of whether they are primary or secondary.

Direct Assessment Assignment Linking — Ability to copy from section to section

  • If course sections that share the same parent course access the Copy From tool, they can copy both the Assignments and their Assignment Linking from section to section

Data Collection Forms — Ability to Export Submitted Forms

  • PDF, Print, and CSV Export formats have been added to the originally available Excel export.

Student Course Evaluation by Faculty Report

  • Faculty Parameter for this report was showing every available faculty for each institution, regardless of the user’s permission level.

Exporting Survey Results Tree Data Bug

  • When attempting to export, a ; “corrupt file” error would render it un-viewable

Survey Results — Faculty can access all their data

  • A bug prevented faculty from pulling their own course section survey results from further back than 2 years; all they would receive is scrubbed NA data. This permission issue has since been corrected so that all their data is accessible.
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