AEFIS 3.38 Release Notes – December 2018

3.8 Training Release: Monday, December 3rd, 2018
3.38 Production Release: DOODLE
Next Release: 
3.39 Training Release: Monday, January 7th, 2018

New Features 

Multiple Assessment Schedules for a Program Running at the Same Time

  • Should there be multiple terms and sub-terms created in AEFIS that may be running at the same time, there may be a reason to have Assessments running for the same program during overlapping time periods. As such, the Assessment Scheduling Wizard now has the option available to create multiple In Progress Assessment Schedules for the same program


Course Section Assignments — New Rubric Warning

  • If more than one rubric criteria have a value of 0 points, then the system will not allow you to save the rubric until the points are updated to be >0.

Course Section Assignments — Students See Attachments Added by Instructor

  • Student Submission in AEFIS all for faculty to add attachments as part of the assignment description. These attachments are not available to the student when they are viewing the assignment on their dashboard.

Program Rubrics Lowest Value Level now “0”

  • The Program Settings page has been updated to allow users to start their rubric with the value “0” instead of “1.”

User Action Items Updated!

  • Users will now see a maximum of 3 actions per AEFIS Solutions and be able to click “View All Action Items” to view all them if they have more than 3.

Course Section Status Change

  • If the course section has either a survey, assessment or assignment that is in progress or completed, administrators will no longer be able to review a Published Course Section to either Approval Pending or Faculty Pending.

Action Item Added for Instructors to Grade AEFIS Assignments

  • Instructors now have a new action item to remind them to grade AEFIS Assignments.


Student Course Evaluation by Faculty Report — Error w/ exporting PDFs when multiple Course Section Parameters are selected

  • The PDF Export would previously time-out and not complete. The error has been corrected so that you can once again select multiple course sections, run the report, and export to PDF.

Program Rubric Criteria — Copying Criteria from the library removed level numbers

  • Should you have copied from the Rubric Library, the levels would’ve disappeared. This issue has been resolved so that adding pre-made criteria works correctly during Curriculum Mapping

Survey Schedule Details — Changes made are not save-able

  • After creating a Survey Schedule, even if it’s still listed in DRAFT status, the Save button on the Details page would be locked and prevent you from changing the Survey Schedule Name, and Survey Template selected. The Save button is now active again to allow these changes for DRAFT schedules.
  • Any changes made to survey schedules with already created surveys will update the new name into all previously run surveys. A new template selection will only apply to the next time a survey is run.
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