AEFIS 3.26 Release Notes – December 2017

3.26 Training Release: Monday, December 4th, 2017
Next Release: 
3.27 Training Release: Monday, January 8th, 2017 

New Features

Updated My Course Evaluations Dashboard Widget 

  • When a faculty course evaluation was not completed, the icon has now been replaced along with text and a mouseover pop-up
  • When a student course evaluation results are delayed, a new clock icon has been implemented along with text below
  • When a student course evaluation minimum results are not met, the previous icon has been changed along with adding text and a mouseover pop-up
  • Metric results have been updated to be shown here if the minimum number of results have been met and the results are available
  • Surveys have been reordered by survey, then by descending survey end date

Assessment Results Page Updated

Assessment Results can be filtered by Inst Admin/College Admin/Department Admin by the following parameters to get a higher-level snapshot of performance outside of just the program view:

  • Academic Term
  • School (option for all Schools)
  • Department (option for all Departments)
  • Program (option for all Programs)


Secondary Instructors can now access associated Direct Assessments

  • These instructors can now access assessments in their My Direct Assessments widget and enter assessments data


Survey Results Graph now shows ordered correctly in User Interface

  • Previously, should Order Ascending by selected for a Survey Question, the User Interface Survey Results would show a bar graph with the values 1 to 5 listed across the x-axis. This has since been updated to match the order ascending option, where it now lists across from 5 to 1.

Assessment Form – Upload Template button bug fixed

  • Previously, there was an issue that prevented this button from working in Firefox. As with Chrome, the user can once again upload assessment templates for scores in both browsers.
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