AEFIS 3.24 Release Notes – October 2017

3.24 Training Release: Monday, October 2nd, 2017 
Next Release: 
3.25 Training Release: Monday, November 6th, 2017 

Detailed List of Client Feature Requests and Issues Resolved

  1. New Features
    • Full-Screen Edit Mode in Syllabus Form and CV Form
      • How to use this new feature:
        • Go into a syllabus form or CV Form and click “Edit” in the top right corner
        • Click on the last icon on the far right of the Tiny MCE Editor

2. Improvements

  • Ability to Sort by Name in Assessment Schedule
    • On Assessment Schedule>>What to Assess page, you can select what outcome should be assessed and what should be removed when scheduling an assessment. The list is now ordered in a much more user-friendly way by allowing the user to go through course by course.
  • Secondary instructors will receive “Survey Start Notifications” and “Survey Results Available” for Student Course Evaluations
    • Both primary instructors and secondary instructions will review the “Survey Start Notification” and “Survey Results Available Notifications” for all Student Course Evaluations. 
  • Faculty Course Evaluations with Course Sections that have 0 Enrollment will not create a survey form
    • If an instructor or course sections have 0 enrollment, they will not receive a Faculty Course Evaluation if it is assigned to the survey.
  • Master Course Sections will Auto Assign Child Course Sections in a survey
    • When a Master Course Section is assigned to a survey, it will automatically assign the child course sections as well.

3. Bug Fixes

  • User Login by Month Graph in the User Account
    • The graphs displaying on the User Profile page have been fixed to correct the date ordering and presentation.
      • How do I see this graph?
        • Search for a user through the User Account Manager
        • Click “Manage” to right of the user’s name 
        • On the Homepage, scroll down to view the graph

Course Section Trend Analysis Report Total # Surveyed Fixed

  • The total number of surveyed matches the number of students enrolled in the course section.
    • How do I see this report?
      • Go to Reports Dashboard
      • Click “Course Section Trend Analysis” – Enter Search Parameters 
      • Export the results to CSV 
      • 4th Row will contain the Total Surveyed value and this will make the number of students enrolled in the course section. 

Course List in Faculty Results Notification Email

  • The “Survey Results Available” Email to Course Faculty display the list of courses they can view results.
    • What do I do if I deleted this “Dynamic Text” from my Email Template?
      • Go to Tools -> Institution, College or Department (depending on your permissions) 
      • Click “Manage” 
      • Click on Survey Settings 
      • Choose Beginning, Middle or End of Term 
      • Scroll to the “Survey Results Available” email template and click the blue pencil. 
      • Click on “Dynamic Text” -> add {{Survey Course}}
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