AEFIS 3.23 Release Notes – September 2017

Release Timeline:
Training Release: Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Detailed List of Client Feature Requests and Issues Resolved

  1. New Features

    • Faculty with an “In Progress” Course Evaluations can see the list of students that have completed a student course evaluation. This setting can be turned on/off as needed.

      • Instructions to turn on/off:

        • Go to Institutions under the Tools menu
        • Select Manage for your Institution
        • Select Survey Settings
        • Check the 2nd listed checkbox to allow listed students to be named. Uncheck the box to not allow.
        • Press Save
      • Instructions to view when on:

        • Log in as the faculty user that is running the course evaluation
        • Find the In Progress/Pending Results Survey in the My Course Evaluations Dashboard
        • Select the green ! under Evaluation at the right side of the dashboard
        • Once selected, a pop-up will appear that shows the survey completion statistics as well as a list of students that have completed it
  2. Improvements

    1. Ability to reopen assessments

      • Department, College, and Institutional Admins now have the ability to re-open both survey and assessment instances despite them being completed

    2. Course Learning Outcomes display on syllabus form numbered instead of previous bullet format.
    3. Option to change the text from “No Answer” to “Not Applicable” for survey questions

      • For all available question types in which No Answer was an option, the new option is now available
      • Add Instructions

        • Select Survey Templates and then Add Survey Template
        • Enter Survey Name and Survey Type
        • Select Template Designer and then Edit
        • Select one of the following question types

          • M/C single answer
          • M/C multi-answer
          • T/F
          • Instructor M/C
          • CLO Placeholder – Student
          • Drop down select

        • In the No Answer Option drop-down menu select Append or Prepend
        • Enter text for the No Answer Text in the textbox that appears
    4. Course Evaluation Analysis Report can now be exported in a Zip File of PDFs

      • Before this improvement, only up to 50 PDFs could be exported; now due to the zip file, a greater number of results can all be exported together

  3. Bug Fixes

    1. Program Coordinator Role

      • Program coordinators can now be tied specifically to a parent program
      • Instructions:

        • Select User Accounts, and then Manage for the Account that you filter to
        • Select Roles, and then Add Role once the drop-down is set to Program Coordinator
        • Select Edit Parent Objects to the right of the newly created role
        • Select the Program from the Available List, then the arrow, and then
          press OK

    2. Student Course Evaluation Results Notifications to Faculty will now display the courses

      • Course Variable List will show the list of courses the faculty has evaluations
        results to review

    3. Max score of zero is not allowed for assignments in Direct Assessments

      • When creating an assignment on Course Section>Assignments page, the assignment can no longer save if the max score is zero in order to prevent an error in downloading the assessment template
    4. Course Survey Assignment Audit parameters fixed so the report is pulling the correct results for course sections that have been assigned to a survey.
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