AEFIS 3.19 Release Notes – May 2017

Release Timeline:
Training Release: Monday, May 1, 2017
Production Release: TBD by Customer
Release Goal: The 3.19 Release was focused fixing client bugs/issues.

Detailed List of Client Feature Requests and Issues Resolved

  1. Ownership for User Groups for External Surveys has been fixed.
    • Example Link:
    • Previously if a user created a user group for an external survey they would only have access to their user groups but no other user group either inside their department if they were a department admin or in their college as a college admin.
  2. Added ability to users to change the text in Details, Instructions and Thank You Text for Surveys. This includes the ability to add hyperlinks.
    • This page now includes the same formatters that are available in the syllabus.
  3. Survey Schedules that only run for one term/semester are now changing to status “Completed” when the next term/semester is activated.
    • Previously if a survey schedule was not set to run every term and the next term in AEFIS was activated it would keep the status of the survey in “In Progress” which was misleading to the user. This process has been changed so that when the next term is activated any survey schedule that was set to only run once in the previous term would change to status “Completed.”
  4. Ability to export Syllabus and CV to Word Format.
    • Pending fix from Development Team – More details to follow
  5. Survey comments fixed so they are no longer showing repeated.
    • There was a bug with the student comments on the aggregate survey results page that was showing the comments multiple times. This bug has been resolved and now each comment only shows once. 
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