AEFIS 3.15 Release Notes – January 2017

3.15 Release Notes

  1. Hierarchical Settings
    • Ability to set course and survey settings at the Institution, College, and Department
    • Ability to lock settings at each level of the hierarchy
  2. Survey Scheduler & Surveys
    • New Wizard for scheduling surveys
    • Difference between a Survey Schedule and Survey
      • Survey Schedule – Holds all settings for a survey and is not tied to a term or start date/end date
      • Survey – specific instance of a survey schedule and is tied to a term or start date/end date (These used to show on the same page as the Survey Schedules and were either orange, green or gray boxes)
  3. Faculty Access to Reports
    • Four New Reports for Faculty: (These are the four reports that became available to administrators in the 3.14 Release.)
      • Student Course Evaluation Analysis by Faculty
      • Faculty Course Evaluation Trend Analysis
      • Student Course Evaluation Comments Analysis
      • Student Course Evaluation Metric Trend Analysis
  4. Dashboard UI Updates
    • Improved Dashboard performance and small UI changes
  5. Improved System Performance
    • We have spent much of this release cycle improving the performance of the system. You should notice most pages will load much faster. We are continuing to improve the performance in the 3.16 release as well.
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