AEFIS 101: Introduction to AEFIS

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Learn how AEFIS integrates with your learning management system, supports your data collection and workflows, and provides you with “one-stop shopping” for all of your assessment needs linked to your institutional improvement initiatives.

AEFIS Your One Stop Shop for Assessment

“Most of the other systems that we looked at, the expectation was that we would have to fit into their system. And we’re excited about AEFIS because you’re always trying to figure out what we need first and then how best that you’ll be able to help us do that.”

Dr. Karen Hahn, Assistant Vice President for Learning Design, Saint Leo University

AEFIS is committed to empowering your institution to demonstrate educational impact through a unified platform for assessment management, learner success, and continuous improvement to help activate authentic lifelong learning. AEFIS is an intuitive, user-friendly assessment management platform with eight integrated solutions native to its framework and directly linked to higher education assessment needs. We continue to improve our platform based on feedback from our academic partners. AEFIS solutions utilize the most up-to-date, sophisticated development frameworks which support mobile and reactive user interfaces and accommodate users on all types of devices.

At the highest level, AEFIS provides a number of key benefits to support assessment initiatives at your institution.

Committed to Interoperability

“AEFIS has helped us to create and improve our assessment processes and allowed us to centrally manage the collection and reporting for the entire campus.”

Brian Jones, Assessment Coordinator, Brigham Young University – Idaho

The ease of our integration with your learning management and student information systems helps you effectively leverage the already existing data and workflows on your campus.

AEFIS seamlessly integrates with Canvas, Brightspace D2L, Blackboard, Moodle, and other modern LMSs through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and API. And through assignment linking, key assessment data become a part of your curriculum map enabling more robust reporting.

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Efficient Data Collection

“Assessment plans may change mid-cycle, or multiple iterations of feedback may be necessary. The flexible functionality of AEFIS allows users to effectively address these issues, including the ability to send forms backward through the workflow and making fields editable at various workflow stages.”

Dr. Alyce Odasso, Assistant Director of Assessment, Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation, Texas A&M University

For digital transformation, you need simple tools that are aligned with the way your institution works. Tools that are aware of your academic processes, familiar with your organizational structure, and your users. AEFIS provides a complete platform to automate your academic processes and create dynamic forms, complex workflows and have your users collaborate on those forms providing any type of information necessary.

AEFIS forms for data collection are familiar with your academic structures. AEFIS hosts all of your academic data, your courses, course sections, programs, skill sets, assessment information, and more. With our Data Collection and Workflow Engine, your organization can create dynamic forms that work with the workflows you designed, using visual tools. Your forms are conscious of your academic entities. If you are collecting data about courses, you can display assessment results or ask questions specific to course learning objectives.

AEFIS Data Collection and Workflow Engine Overview

AEFIS provides everything you need to collect data, share data and make meaningful decisions about institutional improvement and student lifelong learning.

How can AEFIS help you? Let's explore!

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