Advisory Committee — “Fellowship of the Beach Ball”


AEFIS Academy will be the first academic community in history led by the Fellowship of the Beach Ball. The Fellowship of the Beach Ball (FOBB) was created at the launch of AEFIS Academy 2.0. FOBB comprises the AEFIS Academy founding academic partners or inaugural community leaders whose vision for developing a community where challenges, ideas, and solutions could be exchanged among higher education leaders across the country in order to positively impact change became AEFIS Academy.

FOBB represents a diversity of roles within higher education leadership and includes members of the AEFIS Team. FOBB’s purpose is to provide mentorship to deliver AEFIS Academy to community members in accordance with the Academy’s mission which is to promote communities of practice where members can learn, teach, collaborate, and innovate among the greatest minds and thought leaders in authentic assessment, learner success, skills recognition, and lifelong learning.


FOBB’s mission is to set the pace, provide leadership, offer mentorship, and academic support to guide core policies and practices of AEFIS Academy.

Outcomes of FOOB

Through dialogue and active membership in FOOB we will:

  • Ensure that the delivery of AEFIS Academy is in alignment with the needs of higher education
  • Generate ideas for content for AEFIS Academy that is current and timely for members
  • Promote AEFIS Academy content to other institutional leaders
  • Create content for AEFIS Academy through one of its four practices
  • Empower others to contribute to AEFIS Academy through your actions

FOBB Membership Team Members

Dr. Chadia AbrasJohns Hopkins UniversityDirector of Institutional Assessment
Suzanne CarbonaroAEFISDirector of Academic Partnerships
Dr. Alicia DorseyTexas A&M UniversityAssistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Myk GarnUniversity of Georgia SystemAsst. Vice-Chancellor for New Learning Models at Board of Regents
Dr. Natasha JankowskiHigher Education & Assessment Consultant
Caitlin MeehanAEFISVice President of Client Success
Kallie RogersAEFISAssociate Manager of Client Development
Dr. Mike RudolphUniversity of KentuckyDirector of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Jane Marie SouzaUniversity of RochesterAssociate Provost for Academic Administration
Mustafa SualpAEFISCEO
Jack SuessUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyVice President of Information Technology and CIO

Scope of Activities

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings (six meetings a year) on or around the 15th of the month for 60 minutes
  • Review past AEFIS Academy content, share ideas, and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Review upcoming events/content and provide ideas for future events/content
  • Provide leadership/participation for upcoming events/content
  • Suggest new features for AEFIS Academy

Ground Rules/Norms

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