Innovating with Johns Hopkins University

T3 Network LER Pilot Project: Microcredentials for Authentic Lifelong Learning at John Hopkins University

It is so refreshing to work with innovators. These are the individuals and organizations that see the bigger picture and who look to create a greater impact. These characteristics best describe the work we a doing with Johns Hopkins University and their CEU programs for authentic lifelong learning. Leading this CLR initiative at Johns Hopkins is our fearless colleague and mentor Dr. Chadia Abras. You can connect with her and watch the project overview above.

Chadia Abras, Director of Institutional Assessment, Johns Hopkins University

AEFIS is the leading Education Technology (EdTech) company that partners with Higher Education to improve learner success and empower authentic lifelong learning. AEFIS is helping higher education institutions, such as Johns Hopkins University, drive measurable results and engage students throughout their lifelong learning journey through Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR).

We are presenting our collaborative CLR project to the T3 Innovation Network during its LER Pilot Showcase. For some context, “The T3 Network is comprised of more than 300 organizations, 28% of which are international, including businesses, postsecondary institutions, technical standards organizations, and human resource professionals and their technology vendors.” 

T3 is part of the US Chamber of Commerce and the LER (Learning and Employment Record) is a “digital record of learning and work that can be linked to an individual and combined with other digital records for use in pursuing educational and employment opportunities.”  An LER or CLR documents learning wherever it occurs, including at the workplace or through educational experiences such as degree programs, certificates, or other digital credentials, life credits including military training.

If you are interested in pursuing a CLR initiative, no matter where you are in the process, please connect with me and we can help make that magic happen! 

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