How We Built This Series at IUPUI 2020!

Excited to have been asked to present with other Edupreneurs through How We Built This? Series at the IUPUI conference. The stories I heard from the other presenters while we prepared for this event are very similar to my own.

My own personal story with assessment had me falling into this position. It was a transitional year between two different assessment teams. I guess you can say third times a charm by the time I came into the role. When I came on, my main task was to develop processes for assessment to be utilized university-wide. It was interesting, but I felt confident we could accomplish it.

I think one of the main takeaways in my job is if you feel passionate about what you’re doing, others will feel that passion too and follow you. I truly believe that assessment will lead our universities towards continuous improvement. With the helpful tools I am able to utilize through AEFIS assessment software and through AEFIS Academy communities of practice site, the movement towards the accomplishment of continuous improvement comes at a faster pace. If you’re interested more in my story please attend our presentation Wednesday, October 28th at 1:30 PM EST. or access it on-demand on AEFIS Academy.

I love sharing and hearing from other people so I hope we will see you at this event or upcoming ones on AEFIS Academy, including the event I host monthly, “Assessment: The Musical! Series.” 

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