Welcome to AEFIS Academy, your center for communities of practice. As the first ed-tech company to be certified in Comprehensive Learner Record, AEFIS is proud to be sponsoring this year’s IMS Global Digital Credentials Summit.

AEFIS partners with higher education to improve learner success and empower authentic lifelong learning. As a relentless ed-tech leader, AEFIS continued to progress despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, keenly focused on increasing interoperability and the logical innovation for skills recognition.

We invite you to connect with our academic partners, such as Johns Hopkins University and the University of Minnesota, the real heroes of the story, who have made tremendous strides to transform outcomes to skills, portfolios to CLR, and pioneer models that support the learner to earner trajectory. See their accomplishments in Events throughout the IMS Global Digital Credential Summit March 1st – 4th! Join us! And be a part of the AEFIS Academy community!

Let’s get to work and make a greater impact together!