As we continue to navigate the unfortunate effects of COVID-19, the Conference Planning Committee has once again decided to keep the Assessment Conference virtual for 2022. And in our effort to remain transparent about our process we wanted to provide all our potential conference attendees with some information. While we thoroughly enjoy hosting each and every one of our attendees, presenters, and speakers on campus we feel it is just too soon to bring everyone back for an in-person event. We take the safety of everyone to be our highest priority and know we can still produce a high-quality event virtually. In 2021, we worked hard to provide everyone with an engaging, insightful, and thought-provoking event hosted virtually on the Whova platform and we feel that we were successful in that endeavor. While in-person events are impossible to replicate, we feel we came as close as we possibly could to the conference to which so many are accustom. Additionally, for the 9th annual conference taking place in September 2022 we will only be having a one-day event. As assessment professionals, we are constantly evaluating and looking for ways to improve. Since this past year’s conference theme centered around manageability and sustainability we realized a three-day virtual event was neither manageable nor sustainable. However, our promise to all of our potential attendees is this. We are committed and strive to offer the best conference experience we can. That holds true for in-person events as well as virtual. We look forward to seeing you all virtually in September!


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