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Panel Discussion with NILOA—Assessment During A Crisis: Checking In On You!

AEFIS Academy Community Event


Dr. Natasha Jankowski

Higher Education & Assessment Consultant


Dr. David Allen

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Texas Christian University

Barika Barboza

Director, Learning & Program Evaluation

Miami Dade College

Dr. Susan Donat

Director of Curriculum; Assessment Director of Assessment; Accreditation Liaison Officer

Messiah College

Dr. Tami Eggleston

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Director of MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Professor of Psychology

McKendree University

September 23, 2020 @ 2:00 PM 3:00 PM ET

Credit: NILOA


In March 2020, institutions abruptly pivoted to remote instruction, sending students, faculty, and staff away from college campuses in response to COVID-19. In early August, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) published a report entitled “Assessment During A Crisis: Responding to a Global Pandemic”. This document provides an overview of findings from NILOA’s national survey of assessment-related changes made in Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19; couples those findings with other reports released from March through July; and provides guidance in the form of “do’s” and “do not’s” for higher education and the field of assessment—looking beyond Fall 2020 toward what needs to be done,” (Executive Summary, NILOA, August 2020). This panel of coaches representing colleges and universities in different parts of the US and a multitude of expertise from their respective positions gives the higher education community an opportunity to listen in on how they are managing change using overarching themes gleaned from the data collected. In addition, our purpose is to “check-in” and see how things are going now that the fall semester is underway.

2020 certainly has been one of those "I can't find 3 out of 4 socks!" kind of years! Credit: M. Sualp "Maggie in sock-therapy from eating her paw!"

2020 has certainly been one of those
“I can’t find my three out of four socks!” kind of years!

Credit: M. Sualp, CEO, AEFIS – “Pet Therapy: Maggie during sock-therapy from chewing on her paw!”

Key Takeaways

It is our goal to provide the audience with the following intended key takeaways:

1. Consider your current efforts to use data to inform your changes to processes and policies
2. Think beyond quick fixes and tackle broader issues and systems
3. Deliver authentic lifelong learning, skills recognition, and employability enablement in courses, co-curricular, and experiential activities
4. Create a student-centered institution using feedback to continue to drive changes
5. Build a sustainable momentum and demonstrate the impact of ongoing work to deliver authentic lifelong learning

Our Coaches

We are honored to have these academic leaders coaching this panel discussion:

Dr. Natasha Jankowski, Higher Education & Assessment Consultant, N/A

Dr. Natasha Jankowski is the former Executive Director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) and previously served as a research associate professor with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is co-author of the book Using Evidence of Student Learning to Improve Higher Education, as well as co-author of Degrees that Matter: Moving Higher Education to a Learning Systems Paradigm, and co-editor of Student-Focused Learning and Assessment: Involving Students in the Learning Process in Higher Education. A forthcoming book focuses on equity and assessment. Her areas of focus include assignment design, transparency, evidence-based storytelling, equity, mapping and alignment of learning, and all things assessment. Dr. Jankowski is the recipient of Kent State University’s Alumni Award and the Young Alumni Award from the College of Education at UIUC. She holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Illinois, an M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University, and a B.A. in philosophy from Illinois State University.

Dr. David Allen, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Texas Christian University

Dr. David Allen joined Texas Christian University as Director of Institutional Effectiveness in May 2021. Prior to that he spent several years as the Associate Vice President for Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning at Texas A&M International University. David started his career in Oklahoma, teaching science at the middle school, high school, and community college levels. He then spent 12 years in large-scale educational assessment with Educational Testing Service (ETS) developing science assessments and in project leadership. David has 8 years of university-level assessment experience at two universities and has been an assistant professor of assessment. David received his Ph.D. in Education, School Improvement from Texas State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. His undergraduate degrees are from Northeastern State University and Connors State College, both in Oklahoma.

Barika Barboza, Director, Learning & Program Evaluation, Miami Dade College

Barika Barboza is the Director of Learning and Program Evaluation at MDC. Ms. Barboza supports the college-wide learning outcomes process, Academic Program Review and is assisting in the development of Competency-Based Education program offerings. In addition, Ms. Barboza has over 14 years of experience in the field of outcomes assessment and program evaluation as a director of learning assessment, coordinator of outcomes assessment, evaluation consultant, research associate, and lecturer. Ms. Barboza has presented nationally at conferences such as Association for General and Liberal Studies, Association for Assessment of Learning in Higher Education and Valencia Assessment Conference and participated in American Psychological Association’s Summit on National Assessment of Psychology Application. Ms. Barboza holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from New York University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bennett College.

Dr. Susan Donat, Director of Curriculum; Assessment Director of Assessment; Accreditation Liaison Officer, Messiah College

Susan Donat, Ph.D., is the Director of Curriculum; Assistant Director of Assessment; and Messiah University’s Accreditation Liaison Officer. She worked with multiple task forces as a change agent to develop new programs, revise institutional learning outcomes, create an adult general education program, and revise the institution’s guiding educational assumptions. Dr. Donat currently serves on multiple institutional committees including assessment, curriculum, general education, academic council, adult degree steering, and the COE Senate in addition to serving as a Middle States Peer Evaluator. She teaches graduate courses in Higher Education and in Business and Leadership. She enjoys presenting regularly at national conferences including IUPUI (2018, 2019), AALHE (2012-2021), Middle States (2018), Drexel’s Assessment Conference (2014, 2016-2021), and UPCEA/SOLAR (2020).

Dr. Tami Eggleston, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Director of MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Professor of Psychology, McKendree University

Tami Eggleston is an Associate Provost & Professor of Psychology at McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. Tami and her team at McKendree are proud recipients of the 2020 NILOA Excellence in Assessment Designation. Tami is also an Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Certified Sport Psychology Performance Consultant. She regularly presents, consults, and works with colleges, high schools, businesses, and athletes on teaching, technology, assessment,  teamwork, and how to simply be the best in any situation. Tami will connect theory, research, and application in an educational and fun way. She believes it is more fun to learn if you laugh a little at the same time.

More to come – Please check back soon or register to receive updates!

Moderated by Suzanne Carbonaro, Director of Academic Partnerships, AEFIS

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