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Panel Discussion—Accessibility and Assessment: What You Need to Know

AEFIS Academy Community Event


Ms. Tracy Kaiser-Goebel

Director of Educational Effectiveness

Montgomery County Community College

Susan Masciantonio

Director of Faculty Success, Assistant Professor of English

Montgomery County Community College

Dr. Jennifer Billman


Harrisburg Area Community College

Mrs. Jennifer Osinski

Director of the Accessibility Office

Bucks County Community College

Amy Tessitore

Senior Manager of Engagement Services

Open LMS

September 22, 2021 @ 2:00 PM 3:00 PM EDT


When it comes to supporting your students and campus work environments, colleges and universities have led the charge in providing equitable access to educational opportunities and resources to enable success. Generally speaking, accessibility can be considered a prerequisite to validity, with regards to testing, for instance, where a test score interpretation is justifiable for a particular purpose and supported by evidence and theory (Roelofs, 2019). Having access means you as a learner have available the foundational elements and resources to support your learning and development, preparation, and guidance to be assessed fairly on content, to receive feedback that helps them to improve, and to use intervention materials to become successful.

How are colleges and universities providing equitable access to resources to support learners in this new normal? How are students accessing programs to provide them the experiences they need and preparation required for 21st Century learning and skills development? What revisions to accessibility plans have been made post-pandemic to ensure all learners have access to the resources they need to demonstrate their achievements leading to degrees, certificates, and micro-credentials important for job acquisition? What is the role of faculty and staff in ensuring that students have what they need to be successful this fall and beyond?

Join us for this special community panel as part of our ongoing Accessibility and Assessment Series, to learn more about the best practices in accessibility for all students. Members of Offices of Students with Disabilities, Centers for Teaching and Learning, and faculty from institutions across the country will provide their expertise to this important topic while you as a community can contribute your insights and questions to this session in hopes of learning new ways of developing and deploying resources to support all of your learners.

Key Takeaways

It is our goal to provide the audience with the following intended key takeaways:

1. Discover how assessment can be an on-ramp to individualized learning
2. Determine how the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be integrated into your academic and non-academic structures and faculty and staff professional development
3. Identify how student choice in courses and co-curricular activities can add value to your learning experiences and offerings
4. Discover how technology can be your partner in accessible learning for all


Ms. Tracy Kaiser-Goebel, Director of Educational Effectiveness, Montgomery County Community College

I began my career in higher education in 1997, as an adjunct instructor.  While working in this role, I developed an interest in academic assessment.  This led me to expand my focus and accept a position as an Educational Coordinator in 2004, to learn and engage in academic assessment, working with Disability Services on accommodations and course differentiation, as well as curriculum mapping/development.  A lifelong learner, these experiences helped me develop a strong connection with the needs of today's college faculty and students, and a broad view of best practices in planning and implementing continuous improvements.

Susan Masciantonio, Director of Faculty Success, Assistant Professor of English, Montgomery County Community College

Dr. Jennifer Billman, Professor, Harrisburg Area Community College

Mrs. Jennifer Osinski, Director of the Accessibility Office, Bucks County Community College

Jennifer C. Osinski is the Director of the Accessibility Office at Bucks County Community College. She has a bachelor of arts degree from Villanova University, a master of education degree from Cabrini University, and a master of science degree from Drexel University. She holds Pennsylvania K-12 teaching certifications in ESL K-12, Special Education K-12, English 7-12, Social Studies 7-12, Communications 7-12 and Citizenship Education 7-12. Previously, Jennifer held the position of Coordinator of the Office of Disabilities and the Learning Center at Penn State Abington. Jennifer has taught as a part-time faculty member at Cabrini University, Rowan University, Drexel University, Penn State Abington, Bucks County Community College, and Saint Joseph’s University. Jennifer has experience in the K-12 and higher education setting as faculty and administrative staff where she supervised IEP and transition plan development. Jennifer frequently presented at regional and national conferences in various areas on accommodations, transitions and supports for students with disabilities at the higher education level. Currently, the ACHIEVE! Program has been developed at Bucks County Community College by Jennifer in partnership with her Assistant Director, Deborah Hoelper.  Both Jennifer and Deborah have received the “Caring Community Award” from the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in May 2019.

Amy Tessitore, Senior Manager of Engagement Services, Open LMS

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