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Microcredentials for Authentic Lifelong Learning at Johns Hopkins University

AALHE 11th Annual Conference

June 10, 2021 @ 2:30 PM 3:15 PM EDT


Higher education is seeing a major shift in program and knowledge delivery. Learning is no longer confined to seat time or number of credit hours. Instead, evidence of knowledge, skills and abilities derive from many sources, including life experiences, non-credit offerings, and informal interactions. New technologies are making it possible to track evidence of KSAs throughout the learner’s life learning journey. In this session, we will present how Johns Hopkins University is using AEFIS end-to-end CLR platform, to expand learners’ skills recognition, and employability through a lifelong learning multi-disciplinary pilot project. This highlights how programs, activities and experiences are linked to competencies and authentic assessments making learners’ skills explicit and shareable with employers. Participants will see JHU / CLR Learner Dashboard and its resources for lifelong learning. Additionally, participants will experience how learners are able to share their assertions, credentials and badges on social media, with employers and other stakeholders.


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