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Lightning Talks Series—Integrated Planning: The “Difference that Makes a Difference” in Institutional Effectiveness Over Time


Mr. Justin Hoshaw

Associate Professor

Waubonsee Community College

More presenters coming soon!

November 10, 2021 @ 2:00 PM 2:30 PM EST


Lightning Talks are short, targeted presentations that provide insight into best practices, challenges, and successes in assessment. Listen in as some of the greatest minds and thought leaders share authentic assessment processes, continuous improvement stories, and innovative approaches toward lifelong learning and student success.

In this presentation, the authors of the paper, “Integrated Planning: The “Difference that Makes a Difference” in Institutional Effectiveness Over Time” share best practices research, and processes for pulling together information regarding offices of institutional effectiveness and their campus subsidiaries. They will share findings on the areas of strength and growth for offices of Institutional Effectiveness and integrated planning, and how the success of institutions is dependent on how the combination of these resources are leveraged to lead strategic planning and improvement. This project is part of a larger nationwide effort called the Grand Challenges in Assessment in Higher Education and the authors are part of a team within the Grand Challenges entitled, “Examining Changes in Institutional Effectiveness (including Student Learning) Over Time.” Presenters will also share out their journey to publication and tips to support your next research project. As a pre-read for this event, check out of one the lead authors community blog HERE!


Mr. Justin Hoshaw, Associate Professor, Waubonsee Community College

Justin Hoshaw has taught biology and microbiology for over a decade while promoting active learning strategies, engaging students in current event discussions, and creating informed citizens that lead change. He works to bring faculty together by encouraging increased communication and advocating for faculty to lead by example. He endorses the online and classroom inclusion of new technologies in order to reach a variety of learners, advance students’ understanding, and excite all minds. As an Outcomes Assessment Liaison, he assists faculty in collecting data, analyzing data, and planning for course improvements. When not in the classroom, he edits textbooks, writes test-bank questions, designs online lab simulations, writes lab manuals, and is a co-leader for the Pedagogy committee of Grand Challenges for Assessment in Higher Education. He recently published “Integrated Planning: The Difference that Makes a Difference in Institutional Effectiveness over time.” He has also presented seminars on organic/GMO food and the science of dating, love, and ***.

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