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Lightning Talk Series— “AEFIS Weird Name, Easy Assessment System!”

AACRAO Annual Meeting 2021


Mr. Jake Morrow

Curriculum and Assessment Manager

Florida Polytechnic University

Tom Dvorske

Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Florida Polytechnic University

March 30, 2021 @ 2:00 PM 2:45 PM EDT


Lightning Talks are short, targeted presentations that provide insight into best practices, challenges, and successes in assessment. Listen in as some of the greatest minds and thought leaders share authentic assessment processes, continuous improvement stories, and innovative approaches toward lifelong learning and student success.

Helping your university colleagues more effectively assess, provide measurable results, and keeping their eyes on continuous improvement is critical to everyone’s success. Learn how Florida Polytechnic Institute used the implementation of a software called AEFIS, along with training and transparent expectations to streamline course evaluations, unit assessments, and even the SACSCOC Compliance Certification.

Key Takeaways

It is our goal to provide the audience with the following intended key takeaways:

1. Explain how AEFIS supports assessment methodologies at Flordia Poly
2. Compare and contrast where Florida Poly’s current assessment methodologies are vs. where they want/need them to be
3. Appreciate the value of workflow in an assessment cycle


Mr. Jake Morrow, Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Florida Polytechnic University

Jake Morrow joined Florida Polytechnic University in 2018 and enjoys his position as the Curriculum and Assessment Manager. In his current role in the Department of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Jake works extensively with the academic catalog, curriculum workflows, approvals and alignment, and manages multiple assessment processes and measures. He also has 11 years of experience as a classroom teacher and worked as a school principal for seven years. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to his Spotify playlist, which includes among others, Weird Al Yankovic and Vivaldi. Jake also appreciates a well-timed Chuck Norris joke.

Tom Dvorske, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Florida Polytechnic University

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