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A Blueprint to Lead Administrative & Educational Support Unit Assessment

The purpose of the Administrative and Educational Support Unit Assessment process is to ensure that all offices advance their mission to promote the s…
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Comprehensive Learner Record at UMBC—Providing Students Their Own Digital Asset

Since 2015, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), has prioritized and acted on the need to better capture learners' knowledge, skills, …
Best Practices Blog

Agents of Lasting Change: Creating Sustainable Faculty Development

Among the many challenges we face while still operating under months (years?) of “pandemic protocols” at our various institutions is the need to g…
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Student Affairs Assessment Leaders—2021 Open Course Results & Improvements for 2022

With our fifth year of the open course in the books, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the outcomes and results of the Student Affair…
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Journey to Publication— Integrated Planning: The “Difference that Makes a Difference” in Institutional Effectiveness Over Time

When I began teaching at Waubonsee Community College, I focused my time on improving my classroom education techniques for several years. Since I wasn…
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Proving Students’ Career Readiness: Competency-Based Learning

Today’s student, and their families, frequently view a college education as an investment that should see a return after graduation – through thei…

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