AEFIS is the First Ed Tech Company to be IMS CLR Certified!

AEFIS is the leading Ed-Tech company that partners with higher education to improve learner success through empowering authentic assessment for lifelong learning. As a relentless ed-tech leader, AEFIS progressed in its pursuit of advancing and pioneering Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, keenly focused on increasing interoperability and the logical innovation for skills recognition.

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As a proud active participant in IMS Global Learning Consortium, AEFIS is the first IMS Global member organization to certify CLR interoperability, enabling a more robust and connected digital credentials ecosystem. AEFIS CLR provides learners with access to portable, interoperable evidence of their development, related experience, and associated attainments that are used to help them achieve their personal goals and live their best life wherever they are.

As a humble member of the AEFIS Team, I wanted to share what this means for higher education institutions that are continuing to provide a strong value proposition for their learners. By committing to digitizing their curricula to add transparency and learning achievements for students in real-time, curriculum leaders are providing learners with evidence of their learning and portability to share their assertions with employers and future lifelong learning opportunities.

I invite you to learn more about AEFIS IMS CLR Certification by reading about our work and opportunities to partner with you as you develop CLR initiatives at your institution. Please read the press release for more information.

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