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  • AEFIS Strategic Planning+Data Collection Solution Overview

    Make it easy to contribute evidence to your institutional and programmatic strategic plans. AEFIS Strategic Planning+Data Collection offers access to data in ways that institutions may have not had the opportunity to experience in one place, one platform. Through this solution, AEFIS allows for the creation of highly customizable forms and workflows that allow stakeholders to upload evidence and link it to institutional planning objectives. Workflows allow a form to move from one user(s) to the next for collection of assessment plans, contributions to reports and self-studies, strategic plans, faculty promotion and tenure review processes, and feedback rubrics and more.
  • Digitizing Annual Assessment Planning and Reporting

    AEFIS Solution: SCSU is one of the largest institutions in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and became an AEFIS Partner in August 2019. As part of their AEFIS Success Plan, SCSU sought to take their Annual Assessment Planning and Reporting process and digitize the entire process. AEFIS Data Collection Forms & Workflow solution provided the flexibility and nimbleness St. Cloud needed to build a six-stage workflow for the collection of their assessment plan and reports annually.

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  • How We Built This Series at IUPUI 2020!

    Excited to have been asked to present with other Edupreneurs through How We Built This? Series at the IUPUI conference. The stories I heard from…
  • Best Practices Guides: Assessment is a Process, Not a Product.

    By Dr. Alyce Odasso, Program Coordinator of AssessmentOffice of Effectiveness and Evaluation, Texas A&M University Overview: At AEFIS, we realize that assessment functions are not…
  • Assessment is a Process, Not a Product

    “And don’t forget to do your assessment – we don’t want any of our programs to be out of compliance!” This sentence makes me cringe. This used to be the assessment culture on my campus.

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