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  • Lightning Talks Series—Assessment for Learning: Engaging Faculty and Students in Reflection and Improvement

    Lightning Talks are short, targeted presentations that provide insight into best practices, challenges, and successes in assessment. Listen in as some of the greatest minds and thought leaders share authentic assessment processes, continuous improvement stories, and innovative approaches toward lifelong learning and student success.
  • How We Built This? Series—Drivers of Skills-Based Recruitment and Employment

    Student learning outcomes are the foundational data used by institutions to determine what students learn and can do as a result of a course, set of courses, and degree or certificate programs. But translating these SLOs to skills can be complex and require collaboration among different leaders, and faculty across an institution as well input from employers who represent the future success for students. Learn from “edupreneurs” who are making a difference by assembling the right stakeholders at the table to embark on the transformation of outcomes to skills and leading efforts to support students in acquiring jobs linked to their educational experiences and achievements.


4 results
  • Strategies for Joining the Digital Credentials Transformation: How CLR Can Support Continuing Education Initiatives at Your Institution—AACRAO Connect

    Despite the challenges facing learners today, higher education shows its resiliency. The evolving landscape of teaching and learning calls for an explicit connection of coursework and co-curricular activities to skills and employability. To support this important work, AEFIS, an ed-tech company, is committed to empowering institutions to demonstrate educational impact through a unified platform for assessment management, learner success, and continuous improvement to help activate authentic lifelong learning. Working together, higher education leaders and AEFIS are leading the digitization of student learning—and mainstreaming the recognition of skills so valuable to employers.
  • AEFIS is First Ed Tech Company to Attain IMS Global CLR Certification—PR Newswire

    “UMBC purchased AEFIS as part of our implementation planning for our CLR efforts. We found that AEFIS is creating a product that does all the hard things necessary that traditional SIS ERPs have stayed away from because those tools are more difficult… AEFIS can do student evaluation, faculty workload reporting, syllabus, Comprehensive Learner Record, and learning outcomes. With these capabilities, I am confident that AEFIS will be the pace-setter in driving adoption of CLR.”
  • AEFIS Experience Placement Solution

    AEFIS “Experience Placement” (EP) Solution enables global management of experiential learning across students’ academic experience. AEFIS EP provides dashboards and reports for stakeholders to review the types, diversity and performance of placements, an ability to make placements linked to an internal or external organization and its mentors and conduct assessment of student artifacts and performance in experiences linked to knowledge, skills and abilities. AEFIS EP provides a learner application workflow, central management of placements, maintains a database of sites and mentors and their relationships with learners and links outcomes and skills of these placements onto the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR). In sum, EP provides a systematic approach from a student’s entry into a clinical experience through graduation and licensing for all candidates of programs.

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