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  • Lightning Talk Series: “A Collaborative Approach to Preparing Learners with Digital Skills for the 21st Century Workforce”

    This presentation focuses on the collaboration between the Greater Washington Partnership, a civic alliance of employers and higher education institutions in the Capital Region, from Baltimore to Richmond. One of the higher education institutions in the Partnership is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. They are collaborating to address the talent gaps in the region by preparing learners with the digital skills needed by the 21st Century Workforce. Listen in to their strategic approach to providing learners with programs and stackable credentials yielding skills linked to specific skills essential to employers.
  • Lightning Talk Series: “Transition to a Continuous Learner Record During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Success Story”

    Lightning Talks are short, targeted presentations that provide insight into best practices, challenges, and successes in assessment. Listen in as some of the greatest minds and thought leaders share authentic assessment processes, continuous improvement stories, and innovative approaches toward lifelong learning and student success.
  • Microcredentials for Authentic Lifelong Learning at Johns Hopkins University

    Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is an effective way to transmit knowledge, skills and abilities earned by learners to employers. On top of its traditional renowned programs, Johns Hopkins University offers Continuing Education Unit (CEU) programs for adult learners. AEFIS is the leading ed tech company that empowers authentic lifelong learning.

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It's Your Academy. Help us improve it!

AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta is developed by our community, for our community! This is our collaborative space and we want everyone to help build the best Academy— because our community deserves it! Your feedback is vital to the continued growth and improvement of our center for communities of practice.
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Welcome to AEFIS Academy 2.0 Beta!

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