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  • Completing Our Self-Study in AEFIS

    The journey to our on-time submission of our Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Fifth-year Interim Report began several years ago in 2016. After surviving a few cold, snowy winters in another state, I decided to leave my faculty position and to return to Texas where I accepted a data analyst position with Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) in Laredo, Texas, where the windy, hot, dry summers (I likened to being in a hairdryer on high heat) are just what my wife requested. Within a year at TAMIU, the President and Provost appointed me to serve as the Interim Associate Vice President for Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning. While I have a lot of assessment experience, prior to this appointment, my institutional level experience was serving university assessment committees and writing the data analytics parts of a previous institution’s CAEP accreditation submission. My personal foray into direct work pertaining to SACSCOC had begun.
  • Welcome to 2021 HLC Annual Meeting Events & Resources at AEFIS Academy

    We are humbled to contribute to this year’s HLC Annual Conference, host a number of incredible Community Events, and provide you with academic resources linked to your continuous improvement efforts during this important annual meeting.
  • Assessment and Democracy; It Makes Complete Sense

    When I spoke with a colleague of mine about the national conversation that is happening within AEFIS Academy, they quickly stated “It’s assessment people… talking about democracy? That doesn’t make sense.” My answer was, “It makes complete sense!”
  • Messiah University Does It Right!: Earning Excellence in Assessment Designation

    Messiah University’s Excellence in Assessment designation hardly seemed possible when NILOA first announced the program. Our assessment office came into existence ten years ago coinciding…
  • The Journey to Comprehensive Learner Record: A Case Study of CLR Embedded Assessment in Nursing Education

    Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) is a dynamic skills portfolio designed to capture students’ progress in a wide range of activities, through graduation, and beyond. Students benefit directly because CLR brings coherence across courses, assessment, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities, capturing all achievements in their journey to attain and maintain competency. CLR provides data to guide instructors, advisors, and academic support teams. Finally, CLR empowers students to articulate achievements, backed up by rich evidence, to prospective employers demonstrating their readiness for the workforce.
  • Partnership & Commitment to Lifelong Learning

    2020 brought a number of challenges for all of us. 2021 is a year of hope! We treasure our colleagues, friends, and Partners above all!
  • Innovating with Johns Hopkins University

    It is so refreshing to work with innovators. These are the individuals and organizations that see the bigger picture and who look to create a…
  • It is Uplifting When Excellence is Recognized and Awarded

    So why is this announcement so uplifting to me? I am not an IT person, nor am I an educational technologist. I am simply an end-user benefitting greatly from the transformative work that has been done in that arena. I have had the privilege of working with two of the award recipients: Mustafa Sualp, CEO of AEFIS, and Ozgur Yogurtcu, AEFIS Chief Technology Officer. While I cannot claim to understand how they make the magic happen, I have a deep appreciation for what drives them to do this work. I have witnessed first-hand their desire to support and improve the resources that facilitate quality in education.
  • Excited to Learn at IUPUI Assessment Institute!

    I am a passionate educator who continues to learn while contributing to the success of our higher education partners, colleagues, and to the AEFIS team.…
  • You’re Invited! AEFIS Academy 2.0 Launch Event

    We loved connecting in person at your campuses, at conferences, and chatting over coffee. But when COVID-19 hit, these connection hubs went away and we were sent home. AEFIS Academy 2.0 was born because of leaders like you who wanted to remain connected and needed features like the ones you’ll experience in our new site!
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