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  • Panel Discussion with NILOA—Assessment During A Crisis: Checking In On You!

    Assessment During A Crisis report by NILOA provides an overview of findings from the national survey of assessment-related changes made in Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19; This panel gives the higher education community an opportunity to listen in on overarching themes gleaned from the data collected to “check-in” and see how things are going now that the fall semester is underway and, learn some best practices from leaders who have acted on student feedback during the pandemic.
  • Panel Discussion—Post-COVID-19 Blueprint to Success

    Blueprint to Success addresses the revision of old policies and processes to new ones aligned to what learners need, what employers are looking for in students and how higher education can support the learner-earner trajectory.
  • “Assessment: The Musical!”—Episode 1 The Show Must Go On

    Assessment, in general, can make a great musical… Come for some comic relief, share your assessment of drama, comedy and heroic efforts. Let’s discuss how to turn all the drama into a success story!


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  • Innovating Institutional Effectiveness with AEFIS

    Higher education is in the midst of a new transformation to radically shift its processes to collect data that demonstrate the overall impact on student learning and a clear return on investment. This transformation includes conducting data governance audits, modernizing systems, adopting new technologies, and looking at its data, and seeking opportunities to gather more meaningful data to provide answers about how to more effectively and efficiently support student success.
  • AEFIS 101: Introduction to AEFIS

    Learn how AEFIS integrates with your learning management system, supports your data collection and workflows, and provides you with “one-stop shopping” for all of your assessment needs linked to your institutional improvement initiatives.
  • Advisory Committee — “Fellowship of the Beach Ball”

    AEFIS Academy will be the first academic community in history led by the Fellowship of the Beach Ball. The Fellowship of the Beach Ball (FOBB) was created at the launch of AEFIS Academy 2.0. FOBB comprises the AEFIS Academy founding academic partners or inaugural community leaders whose vision for developing a community where challenges, ideas, and solutions could be exchanged among higher education leaders across the country in order to positively impact change became AEFIS Academy.

Blog Posts

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  • Reflections on Trust: Cheating in a Pandemic

    n August 2020, the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) released survey findings examining assessment-related changes made in the Spring 2020 semester. As part of that report, we examined the intersections of those findings with other COVID-19 related reports on the shift to remote instruction and students’ experience of teaching and learning during that time, offering considerations for practice in the fall and beyond. While August was only a month ago, in pandemic time it feels like at least 8 months have passed since the report was released. Based on conversations with assessment professionals and questions raised about learning in the fall, the report remains relevant all this time later.
  • Best Practices Guides: Assessment is a Process, Not a Product.

    By Dr. Alyce Odasso, Program Coordinator of AssessmentOffice of Effectiveness and Evaluation, Texas A&M University Overview: At AEFIS, we realize that assessment functions are not…
  • Assessment is a Process, Not a Product

    “And don’t forget to do your assessment – we don’t want any of our programs to be out of compliance!” This sentence makes me cringe. This used to be the assessment culture on my campus.


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  • AEFIS Academy posted an update

    Learn how the University of Rochester School of Nursing is implementing CLR to provide rich evidence of academic achievement for…
  • AEFIS Academy posted an update

    These assessment “edupreneurs” from Texas A&M University & Texas A&M International University will share their assessment strategies & lessons learned…

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