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  • Panel Discussion with NILOA—Assessment During A Crisis: Checking In On You!

    Assessment During A Crisis report by NILOA provides an overview of findings from the national survey of assessment-related changes made in Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19; This panel gives the higher education community an opportunity to listen in on overarching themes gleaned from the data collected to “check-in” and see how things are going now that the fall semester is underway and, learn some best practices from leaders who have acted on student feedback during the pandemic.
  • Boot Camp: CLR 101—How to Launch Comprehensive Learner Record at Your Institution

    As a holistic approach to improving student success, Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) has the potential to positively impact the student success ecosystem. CLR is a dynamic, real-time portfolio, which is both a display of curricular, co-curricular, and experiential artifacts of learning and a digital skills “wallet” that is verified by the institution and linked to learning outcomes aligned to today’s employability skills.
  • Meet Our Partners Series—Hands on HIPs: Building Student Self-Efficacy

    Get a chance to have thought leadership discussions with thought leaders and exchange battle stories from the field.


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  • AEFIS Experience Placement Solution

    AEFIS “Experience Placement” (EP) Solution enables global management of experiential learning across students’ academic experience. AEFIS EP provides dashboards and reports for stakeholders to review the types, diversity and performance of placements, an ability to make placements linked to an internal or external organization and its mentors and conduct assessment of student artifacts and performance in experiences linked to knowledge, skills and abilities. AEFIS EP provides a learner application workflow, central management of placements, maintains a database of sites and mentors and their relationships with learners and links outcomes and skills of these placements onto the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR). In sum, EP provides a systematic approach from a student’s entry into a clinical experience through graduation and licensing for all candidates of programs.
  • Ready to CLR? Strength Analysis Planning to Implement Comprehensive Learner Record at Your Institution.

    AEFIS enables the digitization of higher education assessment processes, student learning journey, and student achievement initiatives. And as a CLR pioneer, from both an academic and technical perspective, AEFIS has successfully completed IMS Global Learning Consortium certification conformance assessment for Comprehensive Learner Record(CLR) specifications standard, making AEFIS the first software solution to achieve this certification.
  • Connecting high impact practices (HIPs) and student self-efficacy: Social Cognitive Theory as a window into student growth

    This methodology paper combines the literature of HIPs with SCT and presents research tested in an undergraduate sociology class during the pandemic. Within the study, we share our HIPs framework, rubric, and instrument for capturing pre/post-self-efficacy, all created and managed within AEFIS, an all-in-one assessment management platform.

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  • Prioritizing Professional Development: We Need it Now More Than Ever!

    COVID-19 presented some challenges which we have not faced before as individuals nor as a community. As an active member of the Association for Supervision…
  • The Unexpected Parallels Between Art and Assessment

    This past January, I was lucky (or worked hard enough) to receive a research grant from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Until this point, most of my university-funded research focused on assessment and revolved around conference presentations. This, however, was a Project Completion Grant, and the project was not about assessment, but part of my professional practice as an artist.
  • Reflections on Trust: Cheating in a Pandemic

    n August 2020, the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) released survey findings examining assessment-related changes made in the Spring 2020 semester. As part of that report, we examined the intersections of those findings with other COVID-19 related reports on the shift to remote instruction and students’ experience of teaching and learning during that time, offering considerations for practice in the fall and beyond. While August was only a month ago, in pandemic time it feels like at least 8 months have passed since the report was released. Based on conversations with assessment professionals and questions raised about learning in the fall, the report remains relevant all this time later.


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