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  • AEFIS Curriculum Management Solution Overview

    Engage your faculty in continuous improvement with their individual course evaluation results— at their fingertips with a click of a button.
  • AEFIS Data Collection and Workflow Engine Overview

    Engage your faculty in continuous improvement with their individual course evaluation results— at their fingertips with a click of a button.
  • Promoting Teaching, Value, & Scholarship at Texas A&M International

    Faculty contribute to an institution in so many diverse ways. But how can you create an efficient way to capture their teaching, scholarship, and value? What type of commitment is that? Certainly, it requires collaboration. Additionally, there is the challenge of building a sustainable process for capturing data that is going to be maintained in the future. Texas A&M International University needed to answer these questions as they began their search for an effective and user-friendly way to engage faculty in collecting their data for institutional improvement and effectiveness.

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  • Education, Democracy and the Gearbox of Capitalism

    It used to be easy to chalk up inequality in America as resulting from the messiness of a complex society or, what Eduardo Galeano notably referred to as the machinations within the “gearbox of capitalism.”  Today though, it’s not difficult to see the intentionality of broader education reform as merely another component of the neoliberal efforts to dismantle public systems.  Education, healthcare, energy, and prisons are just a few of the public sectors targeted to be replaced with for-profit, private enterprise designed to extract money from the tax base and send it into the pockets of shareholders. Education in particular, the single greatest force for increasing democracy, faced specific strategies which have also begun to surface as being wholly disingenuous and with a singular motivation not to improve student achievement, but rather to increase private wealth and disenfranchise millions of children in an effort to immortalize the 19th and 20th century power and race dynamics in America.
  • When Civic Engagement Assessment Gets Political

    At JMU engagement is conceptualized as consisting of three overlapping areas: engaged learning, community engagement, and civic engagement. Civic engagement is political at JMU and is promoted by the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement (a.k.a. JMU Civic), whose mission is to educate and inspire people to address public issues and cultivate a just and inclusive democracy. As a nonpartisan entity embedded within Academic Affairs, JMU Civic emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge to make one a more informed participant in our democracy, skills to make one a more effective participant, and values that embrace pluralism, open-mindedness, empathy, respect, diversity and inclusion.
  • Completing Our Self-Study in AEFIS

    The journey to our on-time submission of our Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Fifth-year Interim Report began several years ago in 2016. After surviving a few cold, snowy winters in another state, I decided to leave my faculty position and to return to Texas where I accepted a data analyst position with Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) in Laredo, Texas, where the windy, hot, dry summers (I likened to being in a hairdryer on high heat) are just what my wife requested. Within a year at TAMIU, the President and Provost appointed me to serve as the Interim Associate Vice President for Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning. While I have a lot of assessment experience, prior to this appointment, my institutional level experience was serving university assessment committees and writing the data analytics parts of a previous institution’s CAEP accreditation submission. My personal foray into direct work pertaining to SACSCOC had begun.

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